A good leader endeavours to marshal his plans and actions not in disregard of mainstream sentiments of his people but in sync with them.

That is the best way to earn and sustain enduring leadership. Chief James Ibori was able to steal the support of the mass of deltans during his political trial when the then president wanted him disgraced and humiliated out of office. But the people elected to rally round and gave him all the support that provided him victory in the court of public domain. In spite of the clear facts for which he was haunted, the spin from the public then was that he was being harassed and persecuted because of his clamour and championship of resource control . Resource control is a sentiment deeply rooted in the consciousness of the people of Niger Delta. But when Ibori misread his popularity by assuming that he had absolute grip over his people by ignoring their sentiments and imposing a successor on the state, the reactions that greeted his presumptuous decision and the consequences that trailed it were awesome and too fiery to put off. Thus Ibori descended from his hero status even among his admirers to a villain especially amongst his ethnic nationals. An infamy that is still looming like a dark cloud over him.For those of us who saw through the opportunistic gimmickery of James Ibori very early and who distanced ourselves from his charade, we were vindicated and not surprised at his eventual betrayal of the slew of people who reposed trust in him. If Ibori is fortunate to have a second opportunity to play leadership role in the same set of circumstance as the one that landed him in opprobrium among his kinsmen, he would rather take a decision that encapsulate and protect his people’s sentiments. James Ibori having failed the leadership test should not ordinarily be expected to wish anyone success to outshine himself. The more people failing this leadership test, the easier it is for those in that category to find excuses for their shameful conducts.

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This should not be misconstrued that the Urhobos are laying exclusive claim to the governance of the state.Rather the Urhobos believe that a multi ethnic state like delta state should be governed by the best person irrespective of his region of origin. But we are particularly insistent that our zone being the forte of All Progressive Congress and having suffered more indignities for our sustained opposition should enjoy the privilege of providing a government that will kick start the new paradigms in governance of the state and provide good mentorship across the state for those to be elected to govern the state as we progress in the democratic process different from the characters now clamouring to lead the state who are not different from the discredited PDP family from where they migrated to . They must be weaned of their indignities before we entrust our governance to any of them otherwise we find ourselves labouring for change in vain.

So those who are now carried away by their position and feeling that they can ascend more fame by trampling on the sentiments of their people are poor students of history. In the political calculus of the state as it is presently, some people are courting dire consequences by their posturing and utterances.

A leader was quoted as taunting some eggheads from the central senatorial district who visited him that the central senatorial district should kill their ambition to rule the state because the zone does not have an Elumelu, a Kachukwu, an Okowa, Emefile, and an Ovia.Though non of the persons who he addressed directly admonished him for his egregious insult on our people, but their grumbling and murmuring which are going viral already is very telling of the fate awaiting this vain leader.
Of the variables responsible for electoral victory money is not the dominant factor but the least. While it is true that delta north has the advantage of deep pocket personalities, there are other vital areas where delta central best north in comparative advantages.

If All Progressive Congress is sincerely desirous of winning delta state in the light of her sing-song that votes do count, for now, delta central remain their best choice to start the gambit. To do otherwise is to unwittingly espouse the playboook of the Peoples Democratic party and deny our great party victory in the 2019 election. It is not ideology that pulled the mass of delta central people from Peoples Democratic party to other parties where they have been given the PDP a suffocating fight since they took the challenge of pushing PDP from government of the state. It is passion nurtured by sentiments and not necessarily any ideology that was the traction.

I can assure any one that if this door is also shut against those of us in All Progressive Congress, our people might be constrained to eat their vomit and embrace the villain of yesterday and abandon us for also failing them in their deepest sentiment which they have nurtured and laboured for over the years. We shouldn’t loose sight of the fact , as it were, that injuries heal with time and in the context of the avoidable scenario that is being orchestrated by some leaders in collaboration with opponents of the party, we should be guided, otherwise our loss in terms of support will be PDP’,s gain .We therefore call on the national leaders of party to be very circumspect on this crucial decision. We also appeal to the party to assist us win the governorship election by doing what is right especially in the choice of the easiest candidate to market to the electorate . 2019 is the year earmarked for ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS to take over delta state.

I remain,

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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