We , urhobos even in our unanimous rejection of the Senate suspension of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege , representing Urhobo nation, would not mince words in condemning the action of some hoodlums who invaded the Senate, interrupted her sitting and carted away the mace, her symbol of authority. As hurting as the denial of our representation in the affairs of the Senate is, with the barbaric and unconditional suspension of our elected representative, we still elected to be civil in enforcing our breached rights by instituting group action in the court to restore our rights. As believers in the rule of law, we have absolute faith in the ability of the courts to give us justice.

Our court action is in sync with the position of Senator Ovie Agege who had earlier on instituted an action to arrest his suspension which was served on the Senate leaders before the Senate defiantly and brazenly ignored the pendency of the two cases in still suspending our Senator.

A law making body which consider deferring to the law court as an act of subservience in this millennium shouldn’t be on planet earth making law for a nation.
There is no pretending that the vast majority of Urhobos are incensed by the impunity and presumption of above the law mentality of the Senate leadership. However, we are not the only group of persons negatively affected by the blistering coming from the Senate as to lead to insinuation that the hoodlums who invaded the Senate have the backing of Urhobo people and their Senator.
An institution that abandons his core constitutional duty to the nation, and chooses to engage in misleading posturing and criticism of other arms of government to score points as if they are in a contest of superiority with others should not expect the mass of people dependent on those institutions not to push back.

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The Senate does not see anything good with the leadership of the Armed Forces and anti corruption agencies. Only yesterday the Senate passed a vote of no confidence on service chiefs in the country and called for their sack. Budget, they refused to pass, nominees of the president with services they should be performing to the nation suffering , yet the Senate views their clearance with indifference, no policy of the president will they support. Haba! With the plethora of enemies the Senate has courted by their lawlessness, it is sheer smear campaign to suggest that the invasion was instigated by either Urhobo youths and or Senator Ovie Omo Agege.

It might not be surprising if investigation into this saga eventually reveal that “the mace theft and Senate invasion” was the handiwork of the Senate leadership desperate to deflect attention from the failed attempt to assasinate the Senator which fortunately ended up only in an inferno with no lost of life The plausibility of this inference lies on the ease with which the hoodlums outwitted the overarching security arrangement within the national assembly. It is only an internal compromise that could have permitted the breaching of the multiple layers of security checks. We call on the various agencies investigating this sad incident to not close their eyes to this theory of leadership conspiracy. One can only imagine the length this Senate leadership can go to discredit Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in a bid to achieve their wicked plans.

Beside going to court to protect his rights violated by the suspension which was followed up by assasination attempt on his life from the same people behind his suspension, Senator Ovie Omo Agege and his supporters didn’t launch any campaign to prosecute those after him nor insist in making a police case against them in the belief that it is best to be circumspect .

Signed by;-

Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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