Urhobo Nation, DC23 And The Fears Of OSU Federal Constituency – OGM

Urhobo Nation, DC23 And The Fears Of OSU Federal Constituency - OGM

We received the news of the formation of Delta Central 2023 code-named DC.23 with mixed feelings.

As a group that is committed to equity within the Delta central senatorial district, we find it extremely imperative to bare our minds on critical issues that might affect our genuine and justifiable agitation for equity come 2023.

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While commending the conveners of DC23 for coming together to fight for strict compliance with the rotational policy of the Peoples Democratic Party by ensuring that the Governorship slot comes 2023 is zoned to Delta central, We wish to express certain concerns and fears been entertained by the people of Okpe / Sapele and Uvwie ( OSU) federal constituency.

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The urhobo people of Delta State indeed have a chequered history of unfulfilled political aspiration caused by a litany of orchestrated betrayals by our leaders and the political class

It is this Ignoble act of treasury from the Urhobo leaders cum the political class that has precipitated the Urhobo Progress union into two blocs that do not take side with each other in our socio-political aspirations to date

Given this prevailing circumstance, there is the need for us to momentarily pause and embark on a holistic introspection and retrospection in other to make an informed decision about the formation of the DC23 group.

When Chief James Onanefe Ibori indicated his interest to contest for Governor after
a long period of military rule in mid-1998, not many people, including the Urhobo politicians and leaders of thought, gave him the benefit of the doubt that he has any chance of making it out of the arrays of heavyweight politicians jostling to rule Delta State.

It is on record that the UPU and tilted more towards Chief Moses Kragha of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) yet he lost to Chief Onanefe Ibori despite the tactical support of the Urhobo nation

Chief Ibori, a political greenhorn then one might say, bulldozed his way through.
He came out strong and smoking, first, at the Peoples Democratic Party’s PDP primary, before coasting home to victory at the general election, thus taking the state by storm when he emerged as Governor in 1999.


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In the race leading to the Governorship election in 2007, the UPU was committed to making sure a man from Delta central succeeds Chief James Onanefe Ibori, that was the first time the Urhobo umbrella body Under the leadership of Chief Benjamin Okumagba openly indicated an interest in who becomes the Governor through the Ovwiamuge Declaration.

Chief James Ibori made it clear during the launching of the Urhobo National secretariat at Owviamuge that he will relinquish power to whoever stands out during the launching.

The two highest donors in that event were Olorogun Otega Emerhor? The then Chairman of the first Atlantic Bank who donated N101million and Chief Charles Ufuoma Obule who took the mammoth crowd by surprise when he donated the sum of N120mn.

Chief Obule, an illustrious son of the Okpe kingdom became the most preferred choice of the Urhobo Progress Union and most sought after politician in Urhobo nation by the political class.


In a dramatic twist of event close to the electioneering period both the political class and the UPU rescind their Decision thereby betraying each other and discarding the earlier decisions reached at Owviamuge to give Chief Charles Obule the Governorship ticket.

It is worthy to note that the then President General of UPU, Chief Benjamin Okumagba dumped Chief Ufuoma Obule and Chief Otega Emerhor who were major stakeholders for the then serving Chairman of NDDC, Chief Emmanuel Aguariowvodo from the Ughelli axis while Chief James Ibori brought in Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan and succeeded against the interest of the Urhobo nation and UPU.

This Scenario of betrayal since the inception of Democracy has also played out in various Urhobo political pressure group whose only mission is to give a false sense of adoption to political aspirants and after spending much they will now come out with pre-mediated arrangements to enforce their wish using the name “Urhobo ” as a driving tool.

It is most unfortunate that after we have resolved as a people, the personal interest of an individual and the Urhobo political class later aborted the process.

Without recourse to our collective agreement as a people or Memorandum of understanding Chief Onanefe Ibori Pulled out every politician from the UPU agreement to present an Urhobo candidate and brought his cousin Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan based on rotation to succeed him.

It is also of paramount importance to note that after the second tenure of Dr Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, he insisted on the rotational policy of the Peoples Democratic Party by bringing Chief Anthony Obuh to succeed him to the extent that he was even ready to break the vault of the state but before the primary, this same groups of politicians from Urhobo extraction for reasons best known to them deceived Chef David Edevwie who is relatively unpopular among Deltans with a promise to give him the ticket thereby drafting him to the race. He was later betrayed and His Exellency Dr Ifeanyi okowa won at the end of the day.

The issue of the Governorship seat coming to Delta central in our opinion is not under contention as exposed by the State PDP Chairman, Chief Kingsley Esiso in a political function at Ovu, Ethiope East local government of Delta state.

The contentious issue here which the Urhobo political class should look into in our own opinion as a group is which Constituency should it be zoned to? it is far more profitable for us as a people to divulge our energy in which constituency should have it for the sake of equity this time around than trying to dissipate energy on given, premeditated individual or sectional interest which may likely jeopardize the Urhobo interest and unity.

As it is now, APC under the leadership of Sen.Ovie Omo-Agege is trying to bring Urhobo under the Auspices of Elders and leaders of the Urhobo nation to give him a grand reception all in a bid to further his ambition of becoming Governor come 2023.

Sad enough the Chairman of the organising committee is Chief T.J Okpoko an erudite lawyer, senior Advocate of Nigeria, a first-class Chief and an illustrious son of Okpe kingdom who should be at the forefront of the OSU Governorship agenda to propagate the course of the Osu people who have been grossly marginalised in the socio-political aspiration of Delta State

That politicians put their interest above our collective interest is a sad commentary in our political history as a people.


The main purpose of floating OSU Governorship Movement ( OGM) is to foster unity among the Urhobos of Delta central through the agitation for fairness and equity in the distribution of political offices among the various constituencies that make up Delta Central senatorial Districts.


it is, therefore, Imperative to note at this crucial moment of decision making that right from the inception of our nascent Democracy, Delta central which consist of three federal constituencies has held the position of the Governor of Delta state twice and of the three federal constituencies, only Ughelli and Ethiope federal constituency have had the exceptional privilege of Governing the state to the exclusion OSU federal constituency.

Been that as it may, It, therefore, becomes increasingly compelling for the sake of equity and fair play for OSU federal constituency to produce the Governor now that it is been zoned to Delta central come 2023.

In our candid opinion, this is the most appropriate, just, equitable and Godly way to go if we must foster love, equity, fair play and unity among us as brothers and sisters.


We believe that our amiable governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is a man of integrity who does justice to all manner of people irrespective of class, ethnic and political considerations.

We are not also too comfortable with the character disposition of major actors that constitute the leadership of DC23 in our quest for equity within the Delta central senatorial district.

We also want to express deep concern on the use of any group to blackmail, bend or hand twist His Excellency Dr Ifeanyi Okowa in the name of speaking on behalf of the Urhobo nation to tilt his support towards taking an unpopular decision that will be repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience.

We fear also that owing to the serial betrayal of OSU sons and daughters by the political class, we might not get justice as to the choice of who becomes the Governor from Delta central senatorial district come 2023 with the present composition of the newly formed DC23

For hindsight, it is on record that people like Chief PDO Akpeki, Chief Omizu Ejaife Odebala, Prof Sam Oyowvaire and Chief Barr. Ufuoma Obule, all from OSU federal constituency who contested for Governorship Positions at various times in the past were frustrated and betrayed by our brothers and sisters based on primordial sentiments since they do not come from their federal constituencies.

Considering the widely believed intention of powerful forces behind DC23, we also fear that leaders from OSU federal constituency in the newly constituted DC23 might be blackmailed to submit to a well-orchestrated plan to deny us the Governorship seat come 2023.

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It is, therefore, our opinion that leaders from Okpe / Sapele and Uvwie federal constituency (OSU) should be mindful of the DC23 because we believe that there might be a premeditated decision to bring someone from Ughelli federal constituency as Governor and another person from Ethiope federal constituency as Senator.

We fear that prominent Okpe sons and daughters will be brainwashed and intimidated to fight against the collective interest of OSU people.

In the light of the above, we hereby call on Chief TJ Okpoko and other prominent sons and daughters of the OSU constituency to avoid the temptation of been deceived to fight against the interest of their people as prosperity will not be kind to anyone who chooses to betray our course and serve the interest of our oppressors.



We however will support DC03 if they tow the part of justice and equity within Delta central devoid of premeditated tendencies.

We want to appeal to our brothers and sisters from Delta central to support our course in other to foster peace and unity as one big family devoid of mutual suspicion and an Imaginary sense of political subjugation.

We want to state in clear terms that we believe in one united Urhobo nation but that unity can only be based on one premise: The equality of every constituency tribe and ethnic nationality no matter how small, big or weak they might be.

It is our conviction that those that temper with our call for equity and enthrone their tribe, constituencies, senatorial districts and Ethnic nationality above others are the real enemies of our unity as a people and not the OSU Governorship movement as a group

Meanwhile, we shall continue to live in peace and truth, We shall not be intimidated by the boastful disposition of our collective oppressors, we will also continue to live our lives in the usual objective and Law-abiding manner that we have always been known for in party politics.

God bless Delta state
God bless the Urhobo nation

a.k.a God Pen of Intervention.

National coordinator
OSU Governorship Movement.


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