1. Sadiya u are not capable of handling this position hand it over to those that can do it pls,stop stealing the money meant for this programme pls, remember u will meet your creator one day so be humble and pay this money meant fro the beneficiaries not for u and your family pls pay us our due the money for this programme is there dnt steal it

  2. What is happening with the previous months, which is October, November, December 2021, and Jenuery, February 2022 the stipend as not been paid now they are paying March and April so From October 2021to February 2022 will just go like that Please if you people want to do good by helping us just do it and God will bless you for that.
    How about the one you people are paying 30k is this how you are doing to them because am not hearing any compiled from them our own is 10k a month and is like this please You people should just do something about it


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