Unbelievable Story Of Woman Who Beheaded Her Own Mother And Asked Doctors If She Could Sew It Back


Jessica Camilleri

Jessica Camilleri

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The story has been told of Jessica Camilleri, a 27-year-old “cannibal” daughter who shockingly beheaded her mum before asking if doctors could sew it back on, according to Daily Star UK.

Jessica Camilleri knifed her mum Rita Camilleri, 57, more than 100 times during the brutal attack in Sydney, Australia.

She has now been sentenced to 21 years and seven months in jail after being convicted of manslaughter.

The attack was carried out after she flew into a fit of rage to prevent being sent to hospital for psychiatric treatment.

She dragged her mum, who had become her sole carer, into the kitchen by the hair where she butchered her with steak knives.

After decapitating her mum, she removed her tongue, eyeballs and nose.

She carried it outside their home in the St Clair area and placed it on a footpath, where she was arrested drenched in blood after phoning police.

In the call, she claimed her mum had tried to stab her.

When police arrived, she asked if medics could work “miracles” and “sew her head back on”, 7News reports.

She asked officers: “My mum’s head is on the concrete over there.

“Can you bring someone back to life if they don’t have a head?”

The trial heard she had been suffering from severe mental illnesses at the time.

Rita Camilleri was killed

A judge said she had engaged in “acts of decapitation and cannibalism” following the killing in July 2019.

Justice Helen Wilson said: “She understood the nature of her act when stabbing her mother and clearly knew it was wrong.”

She said the mum “must have been in extreme pain and both shocked and terrified by what was being done to her by her own beloved child”, news.com.au reports.

The NSW Supreme Court heard she had more than 90 defensive wounds to her hands.

A four-year-old, known as Child A, was in the house at the time and tried to jump on her to stop the attack.

She fought off and wounded the youngster.

She was originally charged with murder but a jury found her guilty of manslaughter last December.

Forensic psychiatrists said the attack was brought on by an intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.

She had a fixation on horror films and owned eight copies of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and five of Jeepers Creepers, the court was told.

In an interview, she told police she got the idea to beheaded her mum “from the movies” she obsessively watched.

Her older sister Kristi Torrisi said the mum was “killed and butchered like she was nothing, all because of a fit of rage”.

She added: “I wouldn’t wish this pain upon anyone.

“My heart feels incredible pain day in, day out.”

Source: Daily Star UK

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