UK Visa Exempts Nigerian Graduates

2022 UK Scale-up visa, Nigerians  can now apply online.  

Beginning on August 22, the United Kingdom (UK) will accept applications from Nigerians and other foreign nationals for the scale-up visa for 2022.

The British government said in a statement that the development would help growing companies attract the best talent to boost productivity throughout the economy. It is thought that scaling up is a crucial stage for high-growth companies to continue growing and boost their global competitiveness.

As it brings in sought-after expertise and skills, businesses that can increase their innovation and productivity and subsequently continue to contribute to the UK’s economy, the exercise is expected to attract talent from a variety of fields, including science, engineering, and programming.

Exactly what they are saying.

“Rapidly growing businesses, like small businesses, tech, and financial services, need the right level of support to go to the next level,” said Kevin Foster, Minister for Safe and Legal Migration. With our Scale-up visa, we give companies more freedom to bring in the varied skills and experience they require, enhancing their appeal on the global stage while allowing them to concentrate on their growth and innovation.

“By bolstering productivity across the economy and supporting our high-growth tech, financial services, and small businesses, we are ensuring the UK remains a global hub for emerging technologies and innovation, creating jobs, growth, and prosperity throughout Britain.”

The ScaleUp Institute’s CEO, Irene Graham OBE, stated, “The ScaleUp Institute welcomes the launch of the Scale-up visa. We have advocated for this since the beginning, and it should offer a much-needed fast-track service to help regional growth companies find the talent they need more quickly.


Scaleups are present in every community, creating more than 3 million jobs and contributing more than £1 trillion annually to the UK economy. As they promote growth both within and outside of their immediate communities, scaleups hire both domestic and foreign workers.

“The visa ought to assist with the skill requirements. As this service develops, we look forward to working with the government to make sure it fully satisfies the needs of scaling businesses and operates as intended.

What you should know about UK scale-up visa

A Scale-up Worker visa (or Scale-up business) permits you to come to the UK to do an eligible job for a fast-growing UK business.

The Scale-up visa, in contrast to other sponsored visas, enables companies to hire highly skilled workers who will be granted 2 years of leave to remain in the UK without needing additional sponsorship or authorization after the initial 6 months.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that qualified companies will draw in highly skilled workers like scientists, engineers, programmers, software developers, research and development specialists, economists, architects, technicians, and financial and investment advisers.

Businesses, including small businesses and those in the tech and financial services sectors, that have experienced growth of 20% or more in employment or turnover year-over-year for at least 3 years and employed at least 10 people at the beginning of the 3 years are eligible to sponsor talented individuals through the Scale-up visa.

For information on how to apply, when to apply, how much it costs, eligibility and others, click here.

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