The Urhobo development and unity forum a major reputably known for fighting for the rights and privileges of the Urhobo nation has called on the leadership of the senate to review the suspension order placed on the senator representing the good people of Delta Central as it relates to the laws of the land as enshrined in the 1999 constitution as amended. Having examine the situation surrounding the suspension of the Urhobo senator in an enlarged meeting of prominent Urhobo sons and daughters of the group, the group came up with the following demands
1) That Senator Ovie Omo Agege has the right to speak on behalf of his constituency on issues concerning the nation as it best affect the interest of his people.
2 . That the constitution allows him to air his opinion on national issues in furtherance to his right of freedom of speech

3. That the constitution also allows him to affiliate with any lawful group not banned by law for the attainment of his visions and that of his people or that which could help him achieve his legislative goals.
4. That the Senate lacks the constitutional powers to suspend a serving senator thereby denying his people which is unarguably the 5th largest ethnic nationality adequate representation in the Senate.

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5. That in the coming days if the suspension is not reversed the Urhobos will be left with no option than to mobilise it’s people to stage a protest at the national Assembly in the upcoming days to demand for the reinstatement of our senator.

6. That our diaspora branches all over the world would be carrying out similar protest at the Nigerian embassy worldwide. To show to the world the level of legislative impunity meted on us as a people.

7. That the leadership of the senate should look critically at the decision they have taken and know that Urhobos would not allow herself to be used as sacrificial lamb in the battle of the executive and the legislative arm of government, especially in the days leading to the passage of the 2018 appropriation bill.

8. That the leadership of the Senate can still discipline members without depriving Us the good people of Urhobo the benefit of being represented at the Senate.
9. That we shall respond by every means possible within the ambit of the law to resist any form of deprivation, oppression and marginalisation of our people within the Nigerian state.

10. That Urhobos contribute substantially to the Commonwealth of this nation and it is unfair , unpatriotic and utterly inconceivable to deny them a voice in the Senate.

That we may not be able to continually appeal to our youths to calm down and toe the path of the law instead of using unconstitutional means to press home their demands

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11. UDUF by this publication call on our sons and daughters, Urhobo monarchs ,religious leaders, Leaders of thought to be mindful of the role they play in this saga as we will not fail to pay them in their own coin, their actions and inactions in betraying the interest of the Urhobo nation.

12. That now that the suspension order has been declared illegal abinitio by the Attorney general of the federation ,the national assembly being the highest law making body should avoid further breakdown of law and order by recalling the Senator representing the Urhobo nation, most distinguish Senator Ovie Omo Agege without further delay.

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13. We call on the leadership of the national assembly to act fast by lifting the suspension of Senator Omo Agege to avoid unintended consequences that may not augur well for the unity and advancement of our nascent Democracy.


God bless Urhobo Nation.
God bless UDUF

God bless , the federal republic of Nigeria.

Sanco Ese
President General

Dr. Erhire Clinton Umukoro
Secretary General


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