Uduaghan is a bad egg wanting to spoil millions of eggs

Uduaghan Emmanuel

And Isaac Uwhokori (Evang.)

The PDP Chief Cashier, it’s
Landlord and arrow head is having a sleepless on night.

The news that Uduaghan is planning to defect to APC is, to me is treacherous, coded with interior motives. Him to me is being planted as a mole laced in hypocrisy to work with open access to APC strategies in order to destabilise it.

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Uduaghan with his landlord and comrades in crime to me are Not what I will advice our Principal and Leader ( Chief Great Ogboru and Senator Omo Agege) to give open embrace. Their plan is option B as their option A has failed. Why? He in the past was high in conspiracy against Great Ogboru and their threats, intimidation with his cousin cannot and should not be trusted due to past high level of conspiracy against our Principal and Leaders and even even against Urhobo Nation unfortunately.

They are busy planning evil that cannot work this time around. Let us work hard to liberate our People. Tell everyone why Chief Ogboru and Senator Omo Agege are the saviours in the coming battle to avoid us all going into voluntary and or involuntary slavery. 2019 should not go wrong. PDP must go finally from Delta state to put an end to PDP massive looting, plundering of our resources and conspiracy and acts of social economic criminality in the state.

Let us close PDP record in Delta state. Delta state governorship governorship 2019: Chief Great Ogboru time has come in Jesus name, Amen. The moving train is on in a super highway and not stopping until installation day.

Be bold and courageous in your campaign efforts without fear of harassment and intimidation from the PDP or their moles around us.Uduaghan is a bad egg wanting to spoil millions of eggs and as such is a stigma we must never allow to make the government of President Buhari become stinky.
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