Uchenna Nnanna and he Husband

, a happily married Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has revealed the secrets of her marriage and why her husband will never cheat on her.

“As far as I’m concerned, God is running my marriage for me,” the Abia State-born mother of two said in a recent interview.

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God and faith. The fact that my partner believes in me is what keeps me going. The key word when discussing marriage is trust. The problem begins when the partners involved lack trust in one another. But when you trust your partner, as I am out here tonight and my husband is not here, he trusts you completely. He knows where I am and what I’m doing at any given time. So it all comes down to trust. I do what I need to do as a woman and a mother, but when it comes to marriage preservation, na God run am. I can’t bear the thought of my husband cheating. Such a thing does not occur to me. It’s not going to happen. I’m sorry; my husband is incapable of cheating. One thing we should remember is that sex does not keep a man or a marriage together. You don’t go tyre? What keeps marriages together is bringing something to the table. You should be an excellent adviser, planner, and spender. Don’t overspend on what your husband brings. Aside from that, God is the only one who maintains marriage.”

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“I’m a marriage counsellor; I’m a relationship counsellor,” she says to her colleagues who are always worried about their husbands cheating on them. In such cases, you should let that person decide what they want to do. The way I might interpret it is not the way you will. So, I’ll always tell you to think about it, don’t rush into a decision, and weigh the two options of leaving or staying in your marriage. It is not about what society expects of you; it is about what is convenient for you.”

Uchenna Nnanna also revealed how she deals with some obstinate male fans who want more than friendship.

“Yeah, it comes up every now and then,” she explained. For example, one guy messaged me and said, ‘hi beautiful lady.’ ‘Sorry, do you realise you’re talking to someone’s wife?’ I said. ‘And the guy immediately replied, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.’ ‘Okay, your sins are forgiven; go and sin no more,’ I said. If they are obstinate, you simply block them.

Someone approached me at the airport the other day while wearing a facemask and asked for my phone number. I said, “Sorry, I’m a married woman,” and the guy left. But there was one oddball I met one day. I was driving, and he was driving as well; we were stuck in traffic, and he tried to smile at me, and I smiled back.

I thought he was a fan, but by the time he pulled out his phone and said “your number,” I had told him I was married. Do you remember what the idiot said? ‘I’m a married man, too,’ he said. Could you imagine? ”

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