UBIOMOR Proposed Contract with the Urhobo Nation


By: Okpalefe

Emuvwie E’ Urbobo Wadoo…
Iwho E’ Niger Delta Wadoo…
Iwho E’ Nigeria Eje Wadoo…

I Roland Ediri IDIMI (UBIOMOR) was born in June 4th, 1979 by Late Pa. Joseph E. IDIMI from Ituru-Elume & Ugotor of Sapele Local Government Area of Okpe Kingdom & Okpe Local Government Area respectively; and Ma. Stella Urioke Akpenyi of Okpara & Kokori in Ethiope East Local Government Area, all in Delta Central Senatorial District of Delta State, Nigeria.

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I had my B.Engr. in Mechanical Engineering Department, Federal University of Technology Minna in 2005 and my Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSCE) from Hussey College Warri, in 1997. I did my primary education in Agbassa Primary School, Warri in Agbara Warri Kingdom of Warri South Local Government Area, Delta State from 1991-1997.

I was brought up by my mother in Otorwodo Community (Agbassa) of Agbara Warri Kingdom in Warri South Local Government Area and Ugboroke Community in Uvwie Local Government Area of Uvwie Kingdom from a very humble background. It is worthy to note that my mum introduced me into trade at the age of 6 years. I started trade with sales of food items like “Akpu Madiga (truck man tablet)”, ground nut, garri, plantain, vegetables etc. as to assist my mum and support myself through education.

Today, I am humble to inform you, my brothers and sisters, Emuvwie Urhobo from all parts of the Great Urhobo Nation of Delta State, Niger Delta and Nigeria in general that I am a successful international oil & gas consultant and an entrepreneur. I am the founder and President/CEO of Exerneum Resources Limited, MECTHROLEUM NIG LTD and Institute of Petroleum Craftsmanship, Sapele and I have been involved in the execution multi-billion USD projects for different international oil and gas companies like Chevron, ExxonMobil, Total E&P, Shell, Addax in Nigeria, UAE, Singapore, Azerbaijan and different West African Countries. I had three years work permit to work as an engineer in the UK, even with my Nigerian degree.

My focus over the years has been in investing in the areas of exploration, development, production, refining and marketing of oil & gas, energy & power, solid mineral resources, agricultural resources, water & marine resources, environmental resources, geographical & geological resources and human resources, mainly within Urhobo-land and Niger Delta region as to create jobs and wealth for my people. Also I have strategically positioned myself to help the government of Nigeria and other Africa countries to develop state of the art socio economic policy frame work, socio economic development plans, socio infrastructural development plans, human capacity development strategy as required for government to create wealth & generate more revenues, create employment opportunities for youths, execute socio infrastructural development to drive private businesses and solve the problems of insecurity. It was on this premise the idea of the proposed Sapele Industrial City (SICITY) was developed, which has the potentials, not only to continue to make Delta State the centre of oil and gas investments in Africa but also the centre for sustainable manufacturing technology as the Sapele Industrial City is conceptualized to become the largest industrial city in Africa with an integrated source of energy.

Worthy to note that, I was the brain behind the establishment of the Indigenous People of Niger Delta (IPND) with an aim to agitate for the rights of the people of the Niger Delta with non-violence and intellectualism approach as to ensure there is peace and security within the Niger Delta to attract investments and development into the region. I had also partaken in the development of the Emuvwie E’ Urhobo Social Cultural Organization with an aim to unite the Urhobo people over our collective interests as to attain the greatness of Urhobo Nation.

Having made research and consultations to finding solutions to the so many problems facing the Urhobo Nation, Delta State and Niger Delta in General, I am on this day of 5th May, 2018 proposing my contract with the Urhobo Nation if elected Senator:

My proposed contract is articulated on a 3 – point agenda as outlined below:
1. Transformation and Restructuring:
– My mission is to transform the Urhobo Nation and Niger Delta in general to an intelligence and entrepreneurial driven society through a strategic development of the right policy framework and programs needed to harness our vast mineral and human capital resources as to create wealth for Emuvwie Urhobo and to strategically positioned the Urhobo Nation for greatness in a restructured Nigeria.
– If elected as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I shall support the IPND Bill of Rights Declaration 01 and Declaration 02 that call for restructuring of Nigeria to a true Federal State with resources control as this is the only one antidote to solving the so many sociopolitical and socioeconomic problems facing Nigeria today, including the present security challenges.
– I will work with other ethnic nationalities from the Niger Delta Region and Nigeria in General to ensure there is peace and security in Urhoboland and Niger Delta in general, needed to attract investments and development to Urhobo Nation and Niger Delta Region.
– I will support the creation of Anioma State from the present Delta State in line with the IPND Bill of Right Declaration 06 and recommendation of the 2014 National Conference.
– Delta State Government House Annex shall be developed in Delta Central as to bring Government Institutions close to Emuvwie Urhobo.
– Urhobo lands outside Delta State like Ofoani in Bayelsa State, Badere in Edo State and others have to be added to Delta State as the Urhobo Nation is too small to be Balkanized into different states.
– I will work to ensure that the people of Agbara Warri Kingdom, Okere Urhobo Kingdom of present Warri South Local Government Area have their own Local Government Areas. It is also important they are added to Delta Central Senatorial Districts with a view to dividing Delta Central into two Senatorial District due to its size of the Urhobo Nation and population of the Urhobo people.
– I shall work with communities in Urhoboland to develop business concepts that will enable the communities to establish joint business corporation with other stakeholders or joint agricultural plantations.

  1. Industrialization: I hereby acknowledge the fact that there are efforts made by previous administrations in the areas of establishment of schools of higher learning in Urhoboland and one big problem at the moment is on establishment of industries to create the opportunities for my people to exercise and develop their experience after school. It is on this note, I proposed the below:

– If elected as Senator, one of my priorities shall be to advance policies and programs that will revive dead industries in Urhoboland and establish new industries.
– As a Senator of Delta Central, I shall ensure that the Sapele Industrial City is fully established.
– As a Senator of Delta Central, I shall ensure that the Delta State Company (DSC) is revived.
– As a Senator of Delta Central, I shall ensure that the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company is privatized for efficient and commercial productivity as to create jobs and wealth for my people.
– The Osubi Airport shall be upgraded into international standard as to support industries in Urhoboland and Delta State in General logistically.
– The Escravos bar shall be dredge and maintained continually as to enable larger vessels to berth in the Sapele Port, Oghara Jetties etc.
– I shall support the establishment of Agriculture Cities in all Local Government of Urhobo Nation as to develop raw material supply chain to the Sapele Industrial City and others.
– I shall support legislations that will make it possible for gas resources from other parts of Delta State and Western Niger Delta to be routed to Delta Central Senatorial District as to drive manufacturing and diversification of National economy.
– Efforts shall be made to support legislations that shall bring about the development of social infrastructure in Delta Central, needed to drive industrialization.

  1. Empowerment:

– I will develop an education competition program to support intelligence and reward hard work.
– I will develop a concept of entrepreneur competition as to enable those with ideas have start-up pack to develop their own businesses.
– There shall be a sponsorship for craftsmanship training for Emuvwie Urhobo.
– Local content development and attraction of foreign investments through value creation.
– There shall be financial support to market women to grow and develop their businesses.
– Urhobo cultural festivals and music shall be given all the supports needed to attain global standards.

I hereby appreciate past Senators from Delta Central Senatorial District, Governors, Traditional Leaders, Community Leaders, Youth Leaders, Women leaders and all Emuvwie Urhobo for their efforts to taking the Urhobo Nation this far. I acknowledge the support of our Itsekiri, Isoko, Ijaw, Anioma and other Indigenous People of Niger Delta to the Urhobo people. I must say here that the time has obviously come for generational change in leadership in our lands and Nigeria in general as to usher in fresh and superior ideas to find solutions to the so many socioeconomic, sociocultural and sociopolitical problems facing us today, including the present security challenges.

I am committed to develop the policy framework that will attract investments and development to the Urhobo Nation’’. If you believe that together we can achieve our goals to making the Urhobo Nation Great again, then sign for the Ubiomor Political Movement today.



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