Omo-Agege, 2019 and the Tyranny of the Senate President… Dr Goodnews Agbi Expresses Solidarity with Omo-Agege.


By Omajemite Don
Dr Goodnews Agbi Expresses Solidarity with Omo-Agege in press a statement signed by Divramredje Lawrence Efeturi, Media Aide to Dr Goodman Goodnews Agbi FNSE, He urges Senator Omo-Agege to remain calm, that he remains a super senator of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The message reads; Dr. Agbi expresses his solidarity with Omo agege over his suspension by the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki. He encourages Omo agege to relax and that this episode has promoted him to national prominence and that he is no longer a senator of the Urhobo but a super senator of Federal republic of Nigeria.
Senator Bukula Saraki has Turned himself to the Emperor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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Frowning at the excesses of the Senate President, Dr Goodnews Agbi believes that if the Senate president is not quickly checkmated, will lead the Senate and our democracy into irreparable damage.
According to Dr. Agbi, Saraki’s rascality is unbecoming of a Distinguished Senator of Federal republic of Nigeria.
In the first place, he defied all democratic norms to wangle himself to the Senate Presidency ignoring APC leadership and the elected president of federal republic of Nigeria in the process.

Now as Senate president Nigerians do not care if he has an ax to grind with the executive but he must have to discharge his statutory functions as Senate president for which he is being paid huge sums of money monthly.
Saraki has turned the Senate into personal property in which he can wily nilly suspend or quit any ‘tenant’ (Senator) at his leisure.

More trouble for Nigeria Senate as Urhobo Drag Senate To Court over Sen. Omo-Agege’s Supension

Dr. Agbi asked the Distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to rise up against the malfeasance of the Senate President. One man can not hold the whole country to ransome because he is accused of not declaring all his assets…
The bills sent by the president are unattended to by Senate. He sat on the bill on special anti-corruption courts which will have hastened corruption cases. He refused to confirm the president nominees for various appointments.

Senate indicts Okonjo-Iweala, says her memo caused N1.7tn revenue loss

Dr Agbi expresses worry and ask when it has become an offense for a Senator to speak to the press. Or is he turning the Senate into secret cult? What offense against the laws of Nigeria did Omo Agege commit? He therefore urges all meaningful Deltans and Nigerians to rise up to this clarion call and condemn this dastardly act of the Senate cabal.



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