baby battles for life
2 year Old baby shot in her privates

baby battles for life

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that a two-year-old girl named Msurshima Iorshie is fighting for her life at the , BSUTH, after being shot in the vagina by armed herdsmen who invaded Tiortyu community in Tarka Local Government Area, LGA, of Benue state last Monday.

baby battles for life
Baby’s Mom

That heinous attack claimed the lives of 15 people in that town, including women and children, while others were injured by machete cuts and bullet wounds.

Little Msurshima was one of the casualties of the attack, according to her mother, Mrs. Faith Iorshie, who was in the care of her grandfather when the marauders attacked the town.

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“I left Msurshima in the custody of her grandfather, my husband’s father, and went to farm with my husband in a neighbouring community where we spent few days in the farm because we have a small residence in the farm,” the 25-year-old mother stated.

“That night, we were informed at the farm that armed ranchers were approaching our village. We screamed and dashed back, only to find that they had already assaulted our village. They were rumoured to be pursuing and firing at whomever they came across.

Our grandfather attempted to flee with my daughter and others, but he was fatally shot. My daughter, who he attempted to flee with, was also shot in the vaginal area.

baby battles for life
2 year Old baby shot in her privates

“After the armed herders withdrew, one of my brothers went in search of our family members and came across her, who lay motionless and appeared to be dead, but she was still breathing.” Our grandfather, though, was already deceased at the time.

We rushed her to a hospital in Wannune, the seat of the local government, for treatment. They resuscitated her, and we were taken to the Teaching Hospital on the state government’s orders for better treatment.”

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“We have never had anything to do with Fulani herders,” the distraught mother remarked, tears streaming down her face. They arrived from the Guma area, where they attacked and killed people. They shot at our relatives and chased us out of our ancestral homes.”

“I have no idea what sin my innocent daughter committed to warrant her being shot like an animal.” We thank God that she is still alive, but given where she was shot, we have no idea what will happen to her. I’m pleading with folks to come and aid me since I’m at a loss for what to do about her situation.”

Meanwhile, a member of the paediatric ward staff who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Vanguard that the two-year-old child was responding to treatment, but that she would need vaginal corrective surgery.

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“While the little girl’s survival is a miracle, we must commend Governor Samuel Ortom for ordering the immediate evacuation of all injured to the BSUTH, where they are receiving expert care, which has contributed to the survival of the seriously injured victims,” he stated.

Meanwhile, according to some witnesses, the police have increased security in the affected areas, which are virtually deserted as many people, mainly women and children, have fled to neighbouring settlements and Wannune, the Local Government Headquarters.


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