The senator representing Delta central; Sen. Ovie Omo- Agege has successfully buried the self proclaimed APC leader O’tega Emerhor’s 2023 Governorship aspiration by preventing him from selling the APC 2019 Governorship ticket to Okowa to pave way for his running for Governorship in 2023 under his PDP authored zoning arrangement.

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The self acclaimed leader, instead of integrating the party after Adolor-Okotie- Eboh lost his case at the appeal court, further polarized the party with the formation of the MAIN STREAM APC (M.D.A) at Ewereni with the slogan- DOMINATE TO WIN.

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How can people within the same party seek to dominate other members?, Particularly after a crisis period instead of working to integrate and build a cohesive structure?. It was after M.D.A was formed that the ” Light of APC ” was formed in Abraka to resist domination.

The Elders & Leaders forum (Okpozo Group) who in compliance to a valid court judgement refused to recognise the Prophet Jones Erue’s Exco, accepted the appeal court decision and dissolved their APC caretaker committee to make way for peace. But seeing that Olorogun O’tega Emehor was still spoiling for a divisive WAR with the formation of the M.D.A( Dominate to win),they also decided to form the Consolidated Dynamic APC (CDA) with the slogan, No man is God. Indeed no man is God!!. Since it became clear to them that, Olorogun O’tega emerhor does not want the party to integrate and grow.

On the 29th of April, 2018 just before the Congresses that was to commence on the 5th of May, 2018 at a purported UNITY RALLY in Ewereni, O’tega boasted to those present that he has perfected arrangement through the National Chairman, Chief Oyegun and the National organizing secretary to procure the various congress committees coming to Delta state to do his bidding.And as such demanded10 million naira from each of the gubernatorial candidates to enable him achieve this ignoble objective.

Some of the aspirants paid 30 million naira, others paid 10 million naira and 5 million naira according to their individual capacity with the aim of rigging the Congresses. In an APC where PMB is fighting corruption to a stand still this is a SHAME. Let us face it,if Olorogun is not a political merchant, how does he hope to deliver to all guber aspirants? By his newspaper utterances, he has Zoned the guber ticket to Delta North, Yet he collected 5 million naira from Chief Okotie Osiobe a Guber aspirant from Delta Central to help his ambition to be governor. In O’tega’s EXCO list he did not give Chief Okotie Osiobe even a ward Ex-officio position.Chief Osiobe in anger has left the unity group ,also Prof. Pat. Utomi too has left the group, Sunny Ofehe Guber aspirant from Delta south who refused to pay despite huge pressure from Olorogun O’tega to pay up has also left.

    A political merchant can not lead the progressives in Delta state that is a  microcosm of Nigeria, with different ethnic leaders. What does Olorogun O'tega want to be leader of the party in Delta state for?.Is it to collect election  money and refuse to disbuse according to instruction , like he did in 2015?.

One good question begging for a quick response is Why did Olorogun O’tega fall out with the state Exco? He told prophet Jones ode Erue that the PDP government is offering 9 billion naira to buy the APC ticket, that he will give prophet Jones 2 billion naira, he will share 2 billion naira to other members of the state Exco while he as leader of the party will keep 5 billion naira, Prophet Jones declined, that he will rather be the chairman of APC with a governor in 2019 than collect 2 billion naira. It was at this point Olorogun resolved to remove prophet Jones and the State Exco and replace same with his political PA Chief Cyril Ogodo as chairman and re- zone all Exco positions.
In line with the resolve at Ewereni on the 29th of April, 2018, Olorogun sent his personal SUV to pick Alhaji Sanni Dododo, chairman Ward and local government Congress committee and the members of his committee at the Benin airport. He provided accommodation at Orchid Hotel Asaba.But in compliance with NWC directive, Dododo reported to the state chairman and briefed stakeholders at the party Secretariat at Asaba.
When the Pius and Godly Alhaji Sanni Dododo realized that Olorogun was leading him down an ignoble path in an undemocratic, corrupt and merchievilian approach to the Congresses, he ignored him and directed his committee members to remain on the path of truth and decency. Particularly as the HON. Minister of state for petroleum, the only senator from delta state and a strong pro- Buhari man in the Senate,and 80% of members of the state Exco where not with O’tega on his journey to destroy the APC. This was the sin of Alhaji Sanni Dododo.
Olorogun O’tega got the secretary to the Congress committee Usman Kutigi to steal a 100 result booklets out of the 270 booklets for all the wards in Delta state. This was reported to the police,DSS and other security agencies, by the Alhaji Sanni Dododo and Prophet Jones Ode Erue separately. The stolen results sheet was discovered around 2.30pm, but by 3.00pm Sam Adjogba, EDP NDDC was found to be distributing the stolen result sheets in his hotel in Ughelli to Engr Leo Obibi and others. This was captioned in WhatsApp message to the state chairman at 3.00pm. Further investigation through hotel Orchid CCTV footage revealed the secretary of the committee in whose custody were the Congress results sheets removing the result sheets in a Ghana must go bag and and handing same over to O’tega’s people. O’tega in desperation hired over 400 thugs led by Jaro Egbo and Fred Oloko to lay siege on the Congress committee to frustrate its efforts at smooth conduct of the ward Congress, but through the assistance of the C.P Delta state and the Hon. minister of state for petroleum Alhaji Sanni Dododo forged on. The party chairman was attacked and narrowly escaped the O’tega thugs, but Mr Chuks Erhire, Akpovaka and Chris Ekiyor were not so lucky. All in a bit to frustrate the Congress. Where these actions meant to build the party or destroy it?
On Monday 7th May, 2018 then the collation of results where to commence O’tega lured and kidnapped 4 members of the Congress committee with the final result sheet and took them to Port-Harcourt under the supervision of Engr Sam Adjodge to write the ward Congress results. Their disappearance was reported to the state police command, DSS, the HON.Minister of state for petroleum by Alhaji Dododo and the state Exco. From their hide out in Port-Harcourt through police tracking device, the Congress committee members were sending SMS to people in Asaba to send their ward numbers so that they can favour them in the writing of the Congress results. All these are well captured in the interim investigation report by the commissioner of police Delta state in a case of stealing, kidnapping and conspiracy.
These stolen result sheets were submitted by O’tega at the National Secretariat as the ward Congress results from Delta state. WHAT A SHAME. Chief Odigie Oyegun National Chairman APC collected the stolen result sheets from O’tega.In due time all these will come as evidence before a competent court in a criminal case of stealing, Kidnapping and conspiracy to commit the offences above.
The second part of these revelation is still loading watch out for the part 2 although through popular demands.

I remain,

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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