Trouble looms: Police summon Melaye after his watchmen shot sergeant


The Kogi State Police Command has summoned Senator Dino Melaye to report at the State Criminal and Investigation Department after his outfitted watchmen terminated on a group of policemen on watch obligations in the state.

A police was the casualty of the shooting, the police said and is recovering in the doctor’s facility.

The Kogi Police Command requested that Melaye report at the SCIID office in the state capital, in the organization of his outfitted gatekeepers, as examination started on the shooting.

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the policeman shot by Melaye’s gatekeepers recovering in healing facility

As indicated by the police, their announcement, marked by DSP William Ovye Aya, the PRO, was mostly to negate Melaye’s assertion that he was shot at by the police.

Despite what might be expected, the police said that Melaye’s gatekeepers opened fire to start with, with the police reacting.

In posts on Instagram, Melaye did not specify any shooting episode. Be that as it may, he guaranteed the police endeavored to hinder his escort with a grader, stopped on an extension, while he was en route to Yagba east to commission a few activities. As indicated by him, his guard evaded the barricade.

In another Instagram post, the representative speaking to Kogi West said the state government blockaded the street to stop his development.

It was on Twitter that the representative guaranteed an endeavor was made on his life amid the visit to his state.

He asserted more than 20 shots were discharged at his jeep by a mix of policemen, men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and the military.

“I express gratitude toward God for spearing(sic) my life by and by. More than 20 slugs gaps on my jeep. Mix of police,SARS and military. God I much obliged.

The police explanation duplicated underneath negated his record:

“Today, at around 1530hours, a group of policemen from the Command was on a normal Anti – Robbery/Kidnapping watch along Aiyetoro Gbede – Mopa Road.

“Amid the watch, and as usually the training, the group bound at a point at Iyah Gbede Junction, where they were watching the parkway and at times directing Stop and Search.

“It was in this procedure a long guard of vehicles originating from Mopa towards Aiyetoro Gbede moved toward the Point. Officers of the Command at the Point waved to the caravan. While the lead vehicle, a Toyota Hilux van, which was later found to pass on officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, ceased to present themselves, different vehicles in the escort perilously zoomed off without respects to the wellbeing of the officers on ground.

“Shockingly, some disguised equipped men, involving a white Toyota Hilux van, without enrollment number, without incitement shot discharges at the officers of the Anti-Robbery/Kidnapping Patrol Team.

“One of the officers, a Sergeant, was hit by slug on the correct piece of his chest because of which he managed offensive damage.

“The Officer is as of now lying fundamentally sick in the healing center where he has experienced a live debilitating medical procedure and at present recovering.

“Expectedly, the policemen in self preservation reacted by terminating back to repulse the unforeseen assault. Vehicles in the caravan in any case, headed out from the scene. It was not until the point that the officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps were scrutinized that it was understood that the escort was that of Senator Dino Melaye.

“It is fairly heartbreaking that the Senator could after this obnoxious demonstration by his helpers, be running around with furnished men, obscure to the Command who could dispatch such a deadly assault on cops over the span of their ordinary obligation.

“It is all the more disheartening that the Senator could pivot to issue misdirecting articulations to conceal the egregious wrongdoing submitted by his enlisted associates.

“While, the charge has founded a powerful examination board into the occurrence, Senator Melaye is thus encouraged to report with individuals in his escort to the workplace of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department, Lokoja to aid the examination.”



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