COMRADE PAUL OYIBORUME : An Indispensable Choice for Deputy State Chairman, APC Delta State.

By Comrade ** ,
Deputy State Chairman aspirant,
APC, Delta State.

My great people of Delta State, leaders and members of APC, ladies & gentlemen,
I have not come in the name of the writers, artists, motivational speakers or model philosophers. Neither am i out to thrill you with unrewarding words. I believe APC Delta is made up of the exortic intellectual capital, excellent men and women of political class and the distinguished business people that stand not to be deceived or bamboozled.

I, *Oyiborume Paul* *Oyovwe* have only come to present myself as an individual who is envisioned, passionate, competent, capable, ready and willing to serve you, my dear party men and women of APC in Delta State, and Nigeria at large.
Recently, i underwent an intensive 3 (three) days training on capacity building for youth interested in political office in the Niger Delta, organized by the centre for leadership, strategy development (centre LSD) with ford foundation from the United State of America.
This i did to futher enrich my capacity and equip my resolve to serve my people.

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I want to at this junction before I move forward, thank *Dr. Otive Igbuzor,* *Hon. Benjamin Ogbalor* and *Mr. Peters Omaruaye* for supporting my participation in the capacity building training.

Rising at this time to serve our great party, APC Delta State, is neither an impromptu consideration nor a matter of exingency by me.
I strongly believe in myself, having undergone the capacity building training on leadership in political parties and elected offices, Managing electoral processes and election observation and Politics, Democracy and Party Organization.

Certainly, I have what it takes to serve in the capacity of the APC Delta state as the *Deputy State Chairman* of our party, with your *support* .

On the practical obstacle to growth in our party, APC Delta State, and our society at large, is the inadequacy of quality people in office. Most people do not appreciate people-oriented revolution, evolution and innovation. We need to stamp out mediocrity and arrogance. We must not allow the visionless political thugs will continue to oppress us and we will keep smiling while suffering, according to our iconic Fela Anikulakpo Kuti of blessed memory.

However, for our party and society to be graduate towards a more successful future, the ball is in our court. Let us be sensitive, pragmatic and participate in every attempt towards the betterment of our party, APC Delta, to taking over our state government house come 2019 and our future as party men and women.

The Anomalies in our party, APC Delta and Nigeria at large can be checked through adequate, timely, purposeful and objective re-orientation, which is embedded in the constitutional responsibilities of the party Deputy State Chairman as stated in article 13 sub section 13.7, to 13.13 of the all progressives congress (APC) constitution (October 2014 as Amended).

More importantly, my mission go beyond the discharging of responsibilities. I hope to fight for the betterment of APC Delta state and its environs through:
✅ Listening to the people & always promoting their interest within the party framework
✅ Contruction of notice board in all LGAs
✅ Giving room for feed back through all LGAs
✅ Weekly meeting same day all over the state let say Thursday every week for the sake of election purpose for now
✅ Owning the party together by paying our due (finical member) and a propose due for party member is N100 naira only of which the sharing formula shall be 30/30/40 30%ward, 30%LGA and 40%state for the day to day running of our party.
✅ Visitation to all the ward in the state to know how they are doing
✅ Onward transmission of minutes from the ward to the LGA and to the state to know what is happening at the grassroots because we shall base our campaign strictly on grassroots.
✅Organization of purposeful seminar, symposiums and conferences etc.

Apart from the aforementioned point, the following aspect like capacity building trainings for party Exco from ward to state will be wholistically looked into.
Easy payment of our due and registration of new party members operation to get 1000 member at each ward level, and the first ward to register 1000 members will be rewarded.
Well structured calendar.
Our administration will be the voice for the voiceless of our party APC Delta State Nigeria.

✅Class Rep/Both Undergraduate and Post Graduate
✅Contested and Elected at SUG Level
✅ P.R.O at Orientation broadcasting service, NYSC, Jigawa State .
✅Contested and Elected as Vice President NANS South-South Zone
✅Ward PRO
✅Ward Asst. Secretary
✅Former Ward Acting Secretary
✅Acting Secretary
✅At Present Asst. Youth Leader APC Sapele
✅Secretary University of Benin Alumni Association, Sapele Zone
✅Vice President, Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (St. Patricks Catholic Church, Sapele)

Great Men, women and youths of our party, Our dreams, vision and aspiration are not questionable. So also is our political achievements till date, because they are all based on the fear of God and the people’s interest. Do not forget to exercise your franchise as party member by voting for the right man for the job in this election.



Let me leave you with this words of wisdom
“a just and EGALITARIAN political party/Society can only be established by making the philosopher the king. Politics is all about service and not interest.”

*Long live APC!*
*Long live Delta State!*
*Long live Niger Delta!*
*Long live Nigeria!*

_Aluta continua, victoria_ _ascerta!_

*Together we can!*
*Together we will!*
*Together we shall* *achieve!* ??

*Up APC*: The change we desire
*Up Comr. Oyiborume* *Paul Oyovwe* :The Youth and Elders Voice ?

SSA Media and Publicity Director,
for: Team *Oyiborume* *Paul Oyovwe*
for Deputy State Chairman.



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