Top five most controversial Nigerian senators in 2018 most controversial nigerian senators

Dino maleye

Top six most controversial Nigerian senators in 2018
most controversial nigerian senators

Politics Nigeria: In Nigeria, the upper chamber of the national assembly is not devoid of controversies. Some of the law makers are involved in one scandal or the other. Intermittent arguments and fight ensues in the Senate chambers. This comes as a result of personal interests, battle for supremacy and pride. Some of the lawmakers are involved in lingering court and police cases. We shall now highlight on the top 5 most controversial Senators in Nigeria.
Dino is a very bold and outspoken member of the Nigerian senate. He represents kogi-west senatorial district. He is known for flaunting his exotic cars and flamboyant clothing. Dino has been involved in several rifts in the upper chambers of the National assembly. He also has loads of personal controversial issues to deal with. He was accused of dropping out of the Ahmadu Bello University, but the case was put off after the VC of ABU confirmed that he actually graduated from ABU. Dino was also involved in a highly publicized outburst with Tinubu’s wife. He is currently battling a case of arms proliferation with the police. In April, Dino was handcuffed by the Nigerian Police while in hospital bed after suspected criminals confessed that Dino is their financier and arms supplier. Melaye is clearly the most controversial Nigerian senator in 2018.

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#2 Bukola
The senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki leads the troupe of the most controversial Nigerian senators. He was indicted with a code of conduct charge of corruption for wrongful asset declaration and for operating foreign accounts while still serving as the Governor of kwara state. The case is still lingering. Saraki, a two-term Governor of Kwara state was also investigated by the economics and financial Crimes commission (EFCC) for misappropriation of N3.5 billion from Paris club loan refund. Being a former member of the PDP, Saraki crossed the carpet to join the APC, a platform on which he won the elections as a senator. His emergence as the President of the Senate was very controversial and he still has a sour relationship with the Presidency.

#3 Peter Nwaoboshi
Nwaoboshi represents Delta state North in the Nigerian Senate. He is rated as one of the most controversial Nigerian senators. Recently, he was arrested and remanded in court by the Economic and financial Crimes commission (EFCC) for allegations of fraud and laundering of N322 million.

Senator Kashamu has been involved in some local and international controversies. The Ogun-East senatorial district representative was recently involved in a drugs trafficking case. Court of appeal in the United states upheld a ruling against him calling for his trial in a Court in the US. Kashamu has already made public his intentions to contest for the Governorship seat in Ogun state. In Nigerian Politics, he will certainly be included in majority of the list of the most controversial Nigerian senators.

#5 Ike
Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy Senate president. He is one of the most controversial Nigerian senators. He said in a statement that some people are plotting cases against him. He made it known that they are planning to plant Guns and money in some properties linked to him. He stated that petitions were written to the presidency, financial crime agencies and the leadership of the senate that he diverted constituency allocations to purchase new properties for himself. The federal government then declared that Ike Ekweremadu will be indicted for allegedly failing to declare his assets and they seemed to forfeit the properties. He was accused of owning properties in United states, United kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.



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