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Top 10 most well paying jobs in Nigeria as researched by Ejes Gist Media .

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We are often asked by Graduates: what are the most paying jobs in Nigeria and how does it affects Job Seekers?

In this Job guide, we will answer what is the most paying jobs in Nigeria. The goal is to help you understand the best-paid jobs in Nigeria and help you in your job search.

In Nigeria, the idea of graduating from college or higher institution and getting a good job is common.  Even though there might not be many opportunities for that due to increasing graduates every year, it is still common.

People are now advised to be a job creator to employ people rather than seek a job.

Notwithstanding, there are still jobs that pay very well, at least to provide a reasonable income to make you among the rich.

Note that the jobs listed here are not in any order(ascending or descending) but just top 10 most well paying jobs.

This list is not also categorized by level of availability but on how well they pay. This means that some jobs might pay very well but are not highly open to employing individuals.

Based on research, our top 10 most well-paying jobs are;

Software Engineers

The requirements for software engineers to get employed are not very easy because it involves a lot of coding and decoding. Big firms and even at the federal level are usually in need of software engineers and their pay is usually high. They receive an average of 300-500,000 monthly.

Oil And Gas Engineers

These are the second owners of the country after the federal government. Nigeria is blessed with mineral resources including crude oil and it’s related substituents. Big oil and gas companies like Chevron, Mobil, etc. employ petroleum engineers, petrochemical engineers and so on with a very mouth watery payment of about 500,000 – 1mil in a month. Well,  experience and level of practice affect the pay.


Our dear surgeons are among the top 10 most paid professionals in Nigeria with their prestigious positions. They earn very well according to the level of expertise and reference too. Some of our surgeons are even internationally employed and are highly paid. Surgeons receive a minimum of 300,000 – 700,000.


We all know that Pilots fly passengers across and within the country. They are well recognized and are well paid. Even though pilots are not easily employed, the few who pass through are paid about N200,000-N500,000.

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Human Resources Manager.

Human Resources Managers are very vital due to their vital roles in any firm or organizations. Human resources managers are well paid because they carry a lot of burdens and are responsible for the progress of a firm. The pay varies with companies, but the least pay for a human resource manager is about N200,000-N400,000


Oh yeah! If our artists are not mentioned in the top 10 most well-paid people, who will?  Our Artists are paid up to N200,000 – N1,000 000 for every event they are invited to perform. It takes a level of recognition and fame to start receiving whopping cash.


Alright, I know some of us might forget that our athletes are one of our multi-millionaires. From footballers(local and international) basketballers, table tennis, golf, racers, etc. They are paid very well, but the most well paid of athletes are basket ballets followed by footballers. They earn millions monthly.

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Fashion Design

Our fashion design industry has grown worldwide and is hitting millions on monthly bases. The interesting thing about fashion designing is that you can make it big on your own or u can get employed in a big label. Salary range of fashion designers vary from one label to another, but the least fashion designer should earn up to N150,000 – N300,000 monthly


Our lawyers are reputable and very important people in society. They also earn well but it takes your level of expertise and capability to start earning very much. It requires hard work and a lot of input to start earning very much as a lawyer. Lawyers could also earn from contracts with private firms, insurance companies, families and private properties. Senior Advocates earn up to N500,000 monthly.

Top 10 best paid jobs in Nigeria •


Lecturing or teaching jobs in Nigeria are overlooked in Nigeria, but they make up the count of rich people in the society. A lecturer can teach in several colleges at a time and earn more. A senior lecturer earns up to N500,000.

These jobs can pay more based on level, experience and organization.  The salaries stipulated above are calculated on an average salary and can be higher or lower.

These jobs outlined here are based on the research of and can be trusted.

We hope this detailed post is helpful to you. Kindly drop your comment below if you need more help or have any query regarding this article.

# Top 10 best paid jobs in Nigeria • Top 10 most paying jobs in Nigeria



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