Tonto Dikeh ‘s ex-lover Kpokpogri deletes apology issued to Janemena’s husband


Since the public learned of the split between former lovers Tonto Dikeh and Joseph Egbri, also known as Prince Kpokpogri, the storey has become tangled with various twists.

The pair have made accusations and counter-allegations against each other on their social media pages shortly after their breakup. The actress petitioned the Commissioner of Police, Federal Capital Territory, to investigate her former lover, Prince Kpokpogri Joseph, for allegedly blackmailing her and other issues just days after their breakup.

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Furthermore, rumours circulated on the internet that Prince Kpokpogri had been detained by Department of State Services personnel. Prince Kpokpogri, who self-identifies as a politician, quickly debunked the rumours on Instagram Live.

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He also retaliated against the actress, alleging that she uses illegal drugs and urging the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency to look into her activities.

While the ex-lovers attacked each other on social media, they dragged Usiwo Orezimena Jane, also known as Janemena, a popular social media influencer and dancer, into the tangled web of their break-up.

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Tonto Dikeh revealed that she had a sex tape with the dancer and her ex-lover, which set off a chain of events in which the young lady wrote to the actress through her lawyers demanding that she retract her statement and pay N500 million in damages.

Despite Prince Kpokpogri’s denials, the actress stood firm in her claim, daring the dancer to go to court.

In a post to his verified Instagram account, Prince Kpokpogri wrote, “I have purposefully avoided the issue of Janemena until now, but it would be selfish of me to allow the poor lady who has lived and continues to live a virtuous life to be dragged into our messy breakup.” Is Janemena a friend of mine? Yes! Aside from going to her shop’s debut year. Our communication has been limited to the telephone.

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You can’t grovel behind my back and then present me with a petition. Janemena responds to Tonto Dikeh.
“We’ve been family friends for a long time, and the husband is someone I know well. Sleeping with a married woman even though I am still single is taboo where I come from, especially with a married Isoko lady who will pay the ultimate price if she does.”

On September 27, 2021, Prince Kpokpogri issued a public apology to Janemna’s husband via his verified Instagram page. “A public apology: I woke up this morning feeling very uneasy and decided to say this from the depths of my heart,” the message read in part. I am deeply sorry to the family I respect, love, and hold in high regard.

“First and foremost, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my regret to Jane’s husband, Mr. Andre; it was an unfortunate incident in which your wife was dragged into this.”

In a new twist in the actress’s ongoing break-up saga with the “prince,” a voice note involving a Prince and a certain Jane surfaced online just hours ago.

During an apparent conversation, a man identified as Prince stated that he had sex with one Jane at least 30 times, and she enthusiastically praises his sexual prowess. The Prince went on to say that Jane told him that they had never had that kind of sex since she had known her husband for nine years.

In the leaked phone conversation, the Prince stated that he usually had sex with ‘Jane’ for almost an entire day. The voice note went on to say that ‘Jane’ is the family’s breadwinner.

When The Punch visited Prince Kpokpogri’s verified Instagram page in the wake of this new development, it was discovered that he had deleted the apology he made to Janemena’s husband and family member.



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