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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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“To Be A Tenant Is A Sin. When You Have A Landlord, You Have Two Lords” – Nigerian Pastor Says (Video)

Pastor Charles Osasuwa, the founder of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Inc, has stated that it is a sin unto God be a tenant.


Pastor Charles Osasuwa

A pastor is trending on Facebook after he said from the pulpit that it is a sin to be a tenant because that makes you have another Lord apart from Christ.

Pastor Charles Osasuwa, founder of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Inc, said God is a Jealous God and doesn’t approve of his children having other lords besides him. He said tenants have landlords and this means they are serving another lord. He added that this makes it a sin to live in a rented apartment.

He adviced his congregation that once they make their first salary, they should begin planning towards owning a home. He said it doesn’t have to be an elaborate home. He said their first home is not the home they’ll live in indefinitely but one that they own to avoid sinning against God by having a landlord.


He said: “The tenant is always at the mercy of the landlord. The landlord can call the tenant anytime and he can request to use his apartment anytime. The Christian who is a tenant should work towards freeing himself from the second Lord which is the Landlord.”

Osasuwa also said churches who operate in rented properties are not left out.

He said: “A church that operates in a rented apartment is having two lords. This should not be.”

Watch Video Below;

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