Tinubu not qualified to be President – Tee Mac, See Why

Tinubu not qualified to be President – Tee Mac

Tee Mac, a seasoned flautist, has offered Nigerians some words of wisdom regarding the selection of their next president.

The flautist claimed that there was a lot about Bola Tinubu that was shrouded in secrecy in the Facebook comment section of a writer named Yemi Olakitan who had expressed his support for the APC presidential candidate.

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Dear Yemi, he articulated. Anyone can choose any candidate, but a wise person will reflect on their decision and wonder if they made the right one. Is the man capable? Is he sincere? Does he give us the straight story about his age, upbringing, and source of income? Is this 86-year-old man in good enough health to lead a completely destitute nation? ”

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Tee Mac also disclosed that he was married to Tinubu and that they had been friends before Tinubu helped Muhammadu Buhari become president in 2015.

The veteran entertainer said, “You see Tinubu is my in-law. His wife Remi is my cousin. Her Itsekiri mother and my Itsekiri mother are sisters. I have known Tinubu since the mid 80s personally and even arranged for him to stay in my stepfather’s house (Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony) in London when he went into exile.

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“I stopped supporting him and stop family visits etc when he sold that Buhari to the nation in 2015. My advice to the nation is that this man is absolutely not qualified to become our next president. Respectfully Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli.”


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