Three PDP Governors Placed Under Watch List By DSS

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DSS has placed three PDP governors on its watch list.


Three Nigerian governors have been placed under surveillance by security agencies as part of a plot to destabilise the country.

Three serving governors in the country have been place under watch list by security agencies for allegedly plotting to incite violence that could engulf the country’s northern region if not stopped.

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The three governors, who are serving their final term, are said to be from the country’s North East, North Central, and South-South geopolitical zones.

According to information obtained by our correspondent, the three governors met in secret and plotted a nationwide protest that would take the form of the 2020 #ENDSARS protest and bring the country to its knees, with the goal of forcing Nigerians to revolt against the current administration and force a change.

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The North East governor is to kick off the groundwork for the planned mass protest with a meeting with key stakeholders from the North in Kaduna, according to the plot, which is being monitored by a top security agency. The governor will allege that the government has marginalised certain groups in his state and should be rejected in the 2023 elections.


On the other hand, the two outspoken governors of the North Central and South-South will take on the federal government for ‘woefully failing’ to meet basic needs for Nigerians such as fuel, electricity, and children’s education while promoting ethnic and religious agendas at the expense of national interest.

The North East governor reportedly met with several interest groups in Kaduna earlier this week, including civil society organisations, labour leaders, students, and disgruntled politicians, to seek their consent for the planned mass protests.

According to the security agency, the Kaduna meeting discussed in detail how to mobilise disgruntled Nigerian students who have been forced home by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, in their fight with the federal government, CSOs, NGOs, and disgruntled politicians to join the planned mass protests in order to achieve the same level of impact as the 2020 ENDSARS protest.

According to the three PDP governors‘ plan, the planned mass protest will encourage Nigerians to reject the current government and vote for a new one as the next election approaches.

However, a top security official who is monitoring the three PDP governors‘ actions told Sunday Vanguard that while they are not opposed to freedom of association and protest, they are concerned that the planned protests will devolve into national violence that will be difficult to control, as happened with ENDSARS in 2020.

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“As a result, our agency and sister security organisations have placed the three governors under constant surveillance, and we will monitor their activities to ensure that they do not plunge the country into an avoidable crisis,” a senior federal government official said last night.

“We’ve also deployed our men to flashpoints to ensure that the country isn’t pushed over the edge by nefarious politicians who are nearing the end of their term and don’t care whether the country burns or not,” the official said last night.

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