Three feared dead, 284 hospitalised of contaminated water in Kano

Three Dead, 284 hospitalised of contaminated water in Kano

Three people were reported dead and 284 others were hospitalized in Kano after drinking ‘ground water’ scooped near Dandolo Cemetery in the metropolis’ Gwale Local District.

Prior to the confirmation, a city-wide outbreak had been confirmed to have killed dozens of people in the previous two weeks, prompting action.

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Dr. Aminu Ibrahim Tsanyawa, Kano’s Commissioner for Health, confirmed the news to reporters on Tuesday, saying that the pollution had spread across 13 local government areas, including eight metropolitan councils.

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According to the commissioner, 101 people were discharged from 25 different health facilities after being poisoned, while 183 people were still fighting for their lives.

Dr. Tsanyawa, who ruled out any correlation between the strange illness and the COVID-19 pandemic, said preliminary investigation suggested food poisoning, which may have come from tainted water or juice made from instant flavored drink powder.

He went on to say that those admitted to the hospital had a slew of symptoms, including fever, yellowish discoloration of the skin, hematuria, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and dizziness, to name a few.

There was evidence relating the ‘ground water’ drank to cemetery vapor, according to Tsanyawa, while others came down after drinking juice from instant flavored drink powder with a variety of salt for industrial use.

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The commissioner revealed that the outbreak’s index case, a six-year-old child, developed abdominal pains, vomiting, jaundice, and bloody urine shortly after drinking water purportedly brought from a water vendor who sourced the water from a borehole within the grounds of a cemetery at Dandolo in Kano city, especially in the Warure area of Goro Dutse ward in Gwale.

“Further research revealed that those who developed such symptoms had ingested juice made from instant flavored drink powder mixed with a variety of salt for industrial use as well as caustic powder, which was often used for cadaver dissection (dead body preservation). It was determined that these drink powders had reached their expiration date and had been processed improperly.”

In the meantime, blood sample reports are still pending. Though advising people to be cautious about what they drink and how much water they drink, the commissioner told them that the government was taking steps to stop the disease from spreading.



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