I read with utmost shock the worthless vituperation from a suppose elder, Chief Francis Onotanomeyovwi, who ordinarily is expected to teach the young ones morals and the value of integrity within the Urhobo nation.

Sir I actually find it difficult to come to terms with your mind-blowing assertions, when you spoke so degradingly about Chief Osiobe Okotie, 1st deputy president general of the Urhobo progress Union (UPU) on the Urhobo voice of 6th Nov 2017  Sir. No disrespect, but I feel you can do much better by preaching restraint, not the opposite. We both know the potent force the media hold, hence the need for caution. Yes, freedom of expression and speech is relevant. However, there is no such thing as absolute freedom. You must always be cautious about how, when and what you say. You should shy away from blowing the whistle of unrest, division and deformation of character ,spicing the flames of tension and harassing the thin fabrics of unity that exist within us the Urhobos.  This is not the time for irrelevant assertions and permutation borne out of mischief and pecuniary gains and motives.
I wept for the Urhobo nation after going through the publication purported to have been written. by you, Chief Francis Onotanomeyowvi against a distinguish son of Urhobo land, Chief Okotie Osiobe.
Chief Okotie Osiobe by virtue of his position in Urhobo progress Union is the second citizen of Urhobo nation worldwide. Sir in that publication you didn’t only advised him to resign from the post he is holding presently in UPU, you also in a bid to blackmail him and rubbish his integrity alleged that there are insinuations that he is been sponsored by the ruling PDP to run for Governor in other to scuttle Urhobo vote in Delta central just to pave way for the ruling PDP whose governor is from the north, I would have personally looked at your advice as  one from a patriotic son and elder of Urhobo but your accusation that he is been sponsored to scuttle the voting strength of Urhobos sold you out as a mischief maker and a man of easy virtue.
You would have made a lot of sense if you had buttress that assertion based on empirical  evidence.
It is unfortunate that at your age and status you would allow yourself to be used to tarnish the image of a fellow brother for material benefit.remember the holy book says “what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul’
Sir I wish to also remind you that as a known activist in the Niger Delta region I have  been a strong advocate of change in Delta State , I have always advocated for a day we shall have a new crop of incorruptible politicians to take over the mantle of leadership especially in Delta state and I must confess,Chief Okotie Osiobe is one gentleman with impeccable character and Undiluted integrity that has ever veered into the murky water of politics as at today in the history of Delta state hence my support for him and reply to you.
It may further interest you to note that the man you were commissioned to pull down is the number two citizen in Urhobo land and for you to bring up such derogatory accusation against him is not only a slap on the collective integrity of the Urhobo nation but a very libelous issue that ought to be subjected to a court of competent jurisdiction for proper adjudication.
Sir you also talked about his ambition as placing a moral burden on Urhobo nation but you forgot so soon that the greatest moral burden on Urhobo today is the billions collected to build Urhobo house at Ovwiamuge which today has not been accounted for during the period you served as the National treasurer of Urhobo progress Union.
Sir may I also remind you that Chief Osiobe Okotie became a success story through handwork and Gods benevolence, he has never been an active politician, he has also never held any political position or done government contract even as a senior citizen of Delta state.
Let it be known that Chief Okotie Osiobe will never be deterred by  your conspiracy with whatever cabal you are working so fruitlessly for.
Your cohorts are just too jittery of his growing popularity and will be willing to pay anything to men without conscience and integrity to bring him down but most unfortunately for them he has crossed the Rubicon and there is no going back.
I therefore challenge you and you co travellers to bring any evidence against him if you have any.
Finally I urge all those who out of greed are bent on destroying the focus and unity of Urhobo nation for a pot of porridge to desist from such act of betrayal for the sake of prosperity.

I bet with my birth certificate that no amount of conspiracy and blackmail will deter him from becoming the governor of Delta state come 2019 and by the grace of God he shall not fail in the task of delivering the people of Delta state from the tiny cabals that has held us hostage in the past. Yes certainly we must be  delivered from the vestiges of internal colonialism.



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