The True journey of APC so far in Delta state and other matters


In the light of recent events that has occured within the Party in Delta State, it has become imperative to set certain records straight in view of the fact that some individuals with little or no contribution in the formation of the political entity now known as the All Progressives Congress have been heaped with praises to high heavens for their non existent and imaginary roles in the early stages of its existence.

1) The Formation of APC:
Deltans who were major players from DPP — Olisaemeka Akamukali of blessed memory, senator Francis Spanner Okpuzo also of blessed memory, senator Akpor Pius Ewherido also of blessed memory, Chief Great Ogboru- who later withdrew from the merger talks, prophet Jones Ode Erue, Hon. Ben Okiemute Essien, Hon. Julius Okpoko, Hon. Rufus Edojah. It is on record that Olorogun Otega was not in the merger picture at all.

2) Senatorial Elections in Delta state:
Olorogun Otega Emerhor, though a DPP sympathiser and one it’s financiers, was a PDP member and  was eventually drafted into the Party by Olorogun Adelabu Bodjor and Sir Olisaemeka Akamukali to run on the platform of a newly formed APC as it’s candidate for the vacant seat of the Delta Central Senatorial bye election as a result of the death of the incumbent Sen. Pius Ewherido. He lost the elections and headed for the tribunal to seek redress. However, his unceremonious withdrawal from the court while the case was slated for judgment left a bad taste in the mouth of staunch APC supporters in the state. It was later rumoured in certain quarters, he traded off the Party’s electoral victory at the tribunal for cash.

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3) Formation of APC Interim Committee:
Olorogun Otega played no role in prophet Jones Ode Erue emergence as interim chairman. He was suggesting a person different from the choice of the leaders he met in the Party but was shot down by late Sir Olisaemeka Akamukali who was the National Interim Auditor of the APC.

4) The First Congress of The Party:
Prophet Jones Ode Erue came on board as a consensus candidate of the then two contending groups — Otega/Alex Ideh and Okpuzo/ Enuha groups. The first crisis was caused by Otega formation of DCPF group like his now moribund MDA to secure the structures of the party for negotiation and pecuniary gains with the PDP in the State.

5) Otega Plot To Dethrone: Less than three months after congresses, Olorogun Otega Emerhor hatched a plot to removed Prophet Jones Ode Erue as Chairman and replaced him with his surrogate Cyril Ogodo. The plot failed to fly as it was resisted by majority of the State Executive Committee who refused to join it as the State Working Committee  was divided 13 members in favour of Jones as against 3 members for Otega. The same reason of Jones being too independent and not bending to the whims of a capricious leader was given for the debacle. Eventually the matter was resolved by Olorogun Bodjor and Yemi Omaghomi. A semblance of a united APC family seems to prevailed.

6) Governorship And Other Primaries Of The Party:
It was Jones that paid for the presidential suit were late DIG Ugbuaja, Engr Hyacinth Enuha, Barr. Felix Morka, Dr Iyke Odikpo, late Sir Olisaemeka Akamukali resolved that Delta Central should produce a candidate in the person of Olorogun Otega to run for the governorship elections in 2015 and Engr. Enuha was asked to convey this decision to Mr. Fidelis Tilije the other aspirant who refused to step down and vowed to contest the Party’s primaries. During the primaries, the whole delegates in the State voted for Otega because of Party’s decision. Olorogun Otega fielded candidates that were not sellable in central senatorial district and killed those that were sellable.

7) Convention For Presidential Primaries:
Jones and Otega were differed in this regards. Otega worked for Abubakar Atiku and Sen. Musa Kwankwaso. Till date Otega and Olokor are agents and collaborators of Kwakwaso in Delta state. As his stock in trade monies exchanged hands. Chief Donatus Uba was his contact man for  Atiku, while Barr. Fred Olokor was for Kwankwaso.

8) Presidential Campaign visit of Buhari to Delta state:
A meeting was held in Port Harcourt were Jones Ode Erue introduced Otega to Hon. Rotimi Amaechi. The sum of 150million naira  for preparation of Buhari visit was handed to Otega who transferred same to the account of a company called Little Hero Nigeria Limited ran by his wife Chief (Mrs) Rita Emerhor and she made to head the committee to oversee the disbursement of the funds meant for the Party’s activities. Funds were not only poorly allocated, but in some cases out rightly misappropriated by his cronies who were not Party’s officials. The then State Treasurer, Prince Edewor Akpedafe in the presence of other members of SWC openly confronted Olorogun Otega of keeping Party’s funds given to him private accounts instead of the Party’s account. He was then given money to keep his mouth shut. The end result of this was the shambolic presidential rally that was haphazardly organised at the Warri Township Stadium that was a complete disaster as the venue was virtually filled with empty seats due to the scanty crowd that attended the event. The expression of disappointment on the face of Amaechi when the presidential entourage finally arrived the stadium said it all. In hindsight, there is no gain saying the fact that Olorogun Otega Emerhor never believed in abd worked for the success of the Buhari project.

9) 2015 Governorship Election In Delta State:
It is no longer news that Olorogun Otega Emerhor held alot of secret meetings with PDP where monies exchanged hands. The meeting with the former Governor Uduaghan in Lagos is to mention a few.
The monies collected for the elections from the National Party were never spent for election purposes. He collected millions of dollars from Atiku Abubakar through one Chris on three different times— the least was $300,000 ( Three hundred thousand US dollars). Two Governors of the south south gave him 250,000,000 on the eve of the election. Dollars was came to Port Harcourt Airport late that were not disbursed. List of his collection will be made public soon. After the election, Olorogun Otega became richer than before.

10) Political Appointment For Delta APC:
The question that needs to be asked here is that between Jones and Otega who short changed Party members? The answer is, Otega. Otega on numerous occasions pressurised the State Chairman to engage in a proxy media warfare of campaign of calumny against the Dr. Ibe Kachikwu who was made minister instead of him. Political appointments that came to the State was totally hijacked by him and dished out to his coterie of yes men without consultation with the State Executive Committee such as
a) He single handedly nominated Engr. Frank Efeduma to the position of Ambassador.
b). Despite initially signing an agreement with the Party’s Chairman and the Hon.Minister to presenting Engr. Tuoyo Omatsuli to the then SGF as the choice of the leaders of Party for the position of Executive Director of Projects NDDC. He later reneged and went behind to present Engr. Sam Adjogbe his wife’s brother as the EDP. He also brought his in law Sonni Efurhievwe to be the commissioner to represent Delta State in the Board. This Engr. Sam Adjogbe a failed aspirant under PDP and a brother to his wife became the EDP without consulting any party leader or the party chairman through the instrumentality of Rotimi Amaechi. When the chairman confronted him the only explanation he gave was that Uba Donatus brought him and he thinks he will best serve his 2023 governorship project. He pleaded severally with the State Chairman to support him so that he will not be withdrawn due to the ensuing protests by the Itsekiri ethnic nationality that followed the appointment. So far, he has succeeded in short changing other senatorial districts in the appointment into board and parastatals. All the 12 board appointments in Delta State are to his in-laws and cronies.


On NDDC JOBS AND HOW THEY WERE ALLOCATED IN DELTA details coming soon………..for the hours retribution has come.

I remain,

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.



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