The Shocking Story of Ifechukwu, a 16-year-old Girl Who Slept With 52 Men in One Night


A 16-year-old teenage girl has been arrested along with 52 men after they were caught having intercourse with her consent in turns.

According to the police, it looked like an initiation ceremony for members of Supreme Vikings Confraternity.
Ifeechukwu is a secondary school drop-out. During interrogation, she revealed that she travelled from Abuja to Lagos just to witness the ceremony and was given a sedative as not to feel the pain while the men took turns on her.
“I joined them three months ago and during my initiation, I was forced to have sex with every registered member of the cult present that night. I was given a sedative so as not to feel what they were doing. It was not easy, but I bore the pain,”
“I got to know about the cult activity through a friend. She assured me that all the connection that I needed in this life will be made if I joined the group. I am from a poor family and I wanted to be the light that will change the situation in my family.
“She never told me that I will be raped till the day of initiation. The day we were initiated, I was the only girl in their midst. Although, I have not started reaping the gains, I was determined to be a successful member.
“I was further convinced to stay because I discovered that they are more honourable than the others. I am sorry and would love to be given the opportunity to go back to school.
“I never knew that it is crime to be a member. I am sorry,” Ifechukwu pleaded.
Another member of the group, Ugochukwu Agbazuo, revealed that they are all undergraduates of various institutions in Anambra.
“Apart from some of our national leaders, we are all students. I was initiated into the cult while I was still in my first year. I had no choice but to join them because of the harassment in school. I discovered that most of the Engineering students in my school were members of different cult groups.
“Again, if you identify with a known cult in school, the lecturers will respect you. You don’t have to buy handouts or offer bribe to get credit in a course. This was why I joined them,” he said.
He insisted that they did not steal or harass innocent people.
“The guns that were found with us were bought in case there was a clash in school. It is our leaders who are all graduates and working across the country that normally assist us to secure the arms. It is strictly for defence and one of the rules of our group is that you must read and pass your exams on merit.”

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