Austine Ikpedi Okiemute
Austine Ikpedi Okiemute

Comrade Austine Kpedi, popular known as political poet has Resigned from Media attacks in a self signed letter addressed to all party faithful made available to Ejesgist Media by the convener of All Progressives Force for Change (APFC), Comrade Ese Sanco

The letter thus read:

Dear Party Faithful,

Resignation from Intra Party Media attacks and others

I sincerely hereby write to inform all APC Faithful especially Delta APC Members that I Austine Okiemute Kpedi (preferably known as Political Poet) has henceforth ceased to be part of those channeling their energy, research works, talent and resources towards internal media war which has been a major tool sustaining the crisis rocking our party for a long period of time now.

This development is to enable me focus my attention on party unification and channel those my God given resources (writing/commentary skills) to marketing our party achievements at the center to our immediate electorates and media Users.

Inline with the above, I want to sincerely apologize to all those my write ups and comments might have in one or several ways dented their image over the years. I humbly create your indulges to see those my actions and inactions as my political imperfections.

I would also want to state that my Loyalty is still strongly to the party as usual. However, i would want all party members to respect my personal reservations on party leadership.

I must also say that I am humble with all your reactions that has so far greeted this new mindset of yours sincerely. First were calls and messages from both respected Leaders and members (some whom I never knew had read my previous works) to confirm if I was the Author of the comments on “the road not taken” followed by surprised encouragements and accolades.

These reactions and others indeed confirmed the fact that we all know that we are sojourning on the ‘bound to doomed’ road but majority of us are confused on how to turn back to follow the true road to achieving our “rescue Delta” vision.

It is actually sad that Delta APC have over the years told Deltans that we as a Party in the State is not ready to effect the “change” slogan of our party as our inconsistency have reflected. In Robert Cialdini “six principle of manipulations” (persuasions), he opined; “…we as humans have a need to make our actions line up with our stated intentions/beliefs”. Have our actions best reflect our stated political intentions and beliefs?

The above is left for me and you (Especially Party Leaders and Media Loyalists) to ponder on after reading through this comic but necessary resignation from the unofficial self given appointment.

I look forward for your positive reciprocity to this presumed surprise resignation of the Political Poet!


Yours sincerely

(Signature from my heart)

Austine Kpedi
The Political Poet

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