The global acceptability of Cryptocurrency has caught up even developing African nations and this has now been adopted in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous black nation.

cryptocurrency in Nigeria

Recently, the adoption of has become a topic of discussions and this has now become the latest means of financial transactions which has continued to make headlines but, to an extent, remain vague to the majority.

cryptocurrency in Nigeria
Team Members

However, many, undoubtedly have continued to wonder if this innovation is truly the future of money as many have  said.

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Speaking with Naij News Alert at a Workshop organized by Mr. David, Convener and Lead man of SmartCash in Katsina, which is at forefront of showcasing the benefits of Cryptocurrency, he said the safety and ease of doing business makes it one if the best things to happen to the financial world.

According to Mr. David, “after the emergence of bitcoin in 2009, more Cryptocurrencies have been invented and almost none has found it paramount to involve Africa and, Nigeria especially in particular, in the revolution”.

“Smartcash, a cryptocurrency which has recently become the hotest subject of the crypto-space discussions on groups and forums alike, took it upon themselves to educate Nigerian youths on the usefulness and undeniable importance of cryptocurrency in the world”, he stated.

cryptocurrency in Nigeria
Event Section

Katsina state, Northwest Nigeria experienced smartness and undefinable joy in June, 2018 as Smartcash’s team and representatives educated young journalists, bloggers and a few on-air-personels on how cryptocurrency would revolutionize the financial world thereby, providing a world where transparency is key.

According to Mr. David cryptocurrency (Smartcash) will revolutionize the financial world and possibly, bring about the global currency (a single currency) that will be used by all the nations of the world and this is what the world has been waiting for.

“Smartcash, within itself as a cryptocurrency, has a lot of promising innovations ranging from financial transparency which their blackchain makes sure of; to instantaneous transaction which is estimated to be less than a minute which impressively, doesn’t depend on geographical location for its speed”, Mogaji disclosed.

“Smartcash is a powerful financial and investment tool to reckon with and, has within it all, the great qualities a world where financial transparency, instantaneous transactions and privacy is exalted above all could ever require to succeed”, he further noted.

To the gathering, he said; “Smartcash is the future. Get involved, be part of the this revolution”.



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