I am Surprise that the Cabals that destroyed Delta State ganging up to Still Hijack Apc in the Name of Change.

Delta state,under the leadership of PDP for over 16years have suffered a lot of setback,as no meaningful human capital and infrastructural development on ground to prove their decade in office.

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It is clear that the end of PDP leadership is around the corner with 2019 election coming very soon but it is still funny that the grand masters and their surrogates are now planing serousily how the Barton of change can still fall within any of them among James Ibori political dynasty in order to continue their political mess. Whether PDP or APC,what the ruling cabals want is somebody among them that will not voice out their mess. They have rise even in PDP to sponsor candidate who is part and parcel of them to Delta State problem. These are the cabals that take Delta State from something and left it  without anything to reckon with. We need to be careful,not just effect change but make efficient and effective change that will bring in dividend of democracy to good people of Delta and loss glory restore. We must be very careful in dealing with people from James Ibori political family known as Ibori dynasty.

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As bad as their leadership, I must say,i preferred military regime to PDP regime because they mess up every thing. They turn the system down.

At the time of hand over from military to PDP government in Delta,people were happy a little but the little happiness turn to sorry.

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During the military,no body get contract,fully paid without executing it. Is order of the day in PDP government. How did so call money bag jounder made their money? It is through looting, inflating contract bills and at worse that contract is never executed for over the years of PDP regime. Contracts are taken as political compensation to their members without its execution.

It is very unfortunate and dishearting that this hold tight ruling cabals concluded they need somebody among them that will not expose their evil system.They want to hold on to power by all cost, despite their wickedness to the good people of Delta State.

In campaigning for change,we must pray and go for effective change. Not necessarily changing from PDP to APC but the same cabals that have milk the state dry. We must go for new face of people that are very far to Ibori Political Dynasty if we want effective change. Meetings are on now to make sure that this hold tight cabals produce candidates both in PDP and APC all to hold on to power. They want to seat down in one place and control the governor. Have N3b every month as God father dues.

I believe Delta APC can not go for that change. We need change that we better the lives of Deltans and of such,no Ibori-Uduagha/ Okowa related cronies,friends and associate can give us efficient and effective change that will revotionalize the system .

APC is yeaning for  effective change,mostly people with conscience that will right the wrong not necessarily defeating from one party to another in order to cling to power with looted fund. Candidates must be examine property with notion of getting the best that is corruption free and administrative capacity. Failure to do that,our change mantra will not be meaningful.

Let us make  change that will be meaningful that will create value to our valueless goverment.

Thank you.

From Hon.Odikpo




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