The Apc Governments at all levels believe in the Youths and hence the swift passage of NOT TOO YOUNG LAW

Hon. Solomon Edojah
Hon. Solomon Edojah

The Youth must take advantage of this Law and vote for those with pedigrees.

But only a good system can throw up such Youths with pedigrees and not necessarily Laws.

A system that reward Hard work and creativity, a system that does not discriminate ( section 42(2) of the constitution), a system that reward excellence and assemble the best in our midst to run Governments ( Like the super Eagles of Nigeria that are chosen on merit ) . Not a system that create opportunities for the Greedy ones amongst us, creates rent seekers and smart business men who appropriate the common patrimony of the people and are rewarded with Duty Waivers. That system can only be achieved through Restructuring of the present Structures of Government and create autonomy to States and Local Governments.

Massive Recruitment at the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – APPLY NOW

The Constitution of Nigeria must be obeyed at all times. All those who gathered under the name of Anioma and were canvassing for Votes for the incumbent Governor should avert their mind to Violation of Section 221 of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

The Apc in Delta state as at today may be divided on Personalities and sentiments but we are all united in Victory for our Party in all elections.


If we come together and show Love ( I mean genuine political Love that does not take record of Wrong Doings but focused on victory ) It is Victoria Acerta in 2019.



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