The Aggrieved Delta APC lists their Demands to the Presidential Reconciliation/Harmonisation Committee



We would like to preface our write up by revisiting the unprecedented defeat of the Peoples Democratic Party by the All Progressive Congress led by President Muhammadu Buhari against expectations in a country where a ruling party had never lost election to an opposition party. Our party won the election based on the winning formula and other well thought out and marshalled programmes which resonated with the masses .
That winning
formula should not be abandoned for now but should be continually engaged and deployed to grow our party.
When president Muhammadu Buhari All Progressive Congress launched his campaigns in the build up to the election in 2015, all who fell into the baskets of pessimists, unobservant/ unanalytical, warped/ corrupt, and unrealistic wrote off the president as embarking on an impossible mission. But the uncontestable results of the election put them to shame as a people out of touch with reality.
A sole factor responsible for President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory is the winning formula of the All Progressive Congress which strong and unwavering formula gave birth to the presidential candidate and his running mate that were the most popular candidate at that time from Northwest and Southwest respectively. This political wisdom was to leverage maximally on the sentiments of the electorate who had become disenchanted with the the ruling party.

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In Delta state the entire scenario that was used as a compass in winning the federal election in 2015 can be annexed and extrapolated to produce the same result.

Delta state consist of three senatorial divisions and of the three divisions, only Delta cental resisted and dissociated itself from the Peoples Democratic party ‘s grip from the onset in 1999. In the first local council election in 1999, All Peoples Party had more councillors elected on the platform of APP in Central senatorial division than PDP notwithstanding that the governorship was awarded to People Democratic Party in defiance of the actual voting results. while the two other senatorial divisions were predominantly PDP.
This was the groundswell that Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru leveraged on in building a strong and virile opposition whose electoral fortune at each election produced an amazing votes in disregard of the awesome rigging machinery of Peoples Democratic party. The only elected members to parliament in the state on the platforms of fringe parties where only from Delta Central. The sagacity, consistency and savvy displayed by Chief Great Ogboru made the mass of Delta Central electorate and across the state to gravitate to him as a trusted leader who can free them from the tyranny of Peoples Democratic Party. The sustained wave of opposition gradually spread from Central to the two other divisions but the absence of a strong personality opposed to the PDP like Ogboru in the two other divisions made votes from the other divisions more manipulative in producing indefensible votes that denied opposition victory at the governorship level, we do not need an encumbered candidate to begin with.
Amongst the slew of persons jostling for the governance of the state only very few can be said to be above board. The All progressive Congress brand resonate with the electorate because of its anti corruption and accountability streaks which somebody with a PDP background steeped in malpractices cannot fit into. Not to run into credibility questions, the party should distance herself, for now, from people who have questions to answer over failed projects of the PDP governments. More so the most popular candidate in Delta State in Chief Great Ogboru.
The corollary of the above is that only candidates who can add value to the party agenda should be accommodated for the governance of the state. The electorate of today are well discerning enough to differentiate between a genuine ornament and a simulated one. Delta state voters have always expressed preference for a genuine platform that will deliver them from the PDP misgovernance. A candidate whose values can be calibrated from his immediate past in and outside government is the person that can assist APC win the state. Winning Delta should be a must for APC for the anti corruption crusade to penetrate the Niger Delta region and produce the desired result for every part of the nation.
If the party consciously build on the groundswell of opinion against the government of the state, the votes APC will harvest will double what central has been churning out for fringe parties the only available channels for them previously to ventilate their views. The reason why the votes will multiply is that many people who were ambivalent because of the awesome rigging machinery of PDP will now be encouraged to vote with full assurance that votes will count, PDP having been chased from the federal government and therefore cannot manipulate security and INEC personnel to armtwist and alter cast votes.
Delta Central is already in the grip of APC unlike the north senatorial division that has not tuned itself from the PDP wavelength. The work that will be done to get the electorate to key into the APC agenda will be herculean especially with a sitting governor from the zone of People’s Democratic party. The best that we can get by having a candidate from this zone is complacency which will not deliver the victory momentum.
But this will not be the case with a candidate from Central whose people have weaned themselves from PDP influence and manipulation. Another compelling reason for a candidate from Delta central is the registered voters strength of the zone inclusive of the pockets of enclaves it has in the South senatorial division who identify with their kith and kins from central. Conservative estimate cannot be less than 60 percent of the entire voters strength of the state when spook figures that are credited to some zones with rural enclaves are eliminated under the new INEC template.

With the brief excursion into dexterous initiatives that won victory for our party,
We of the Delta State chapter of All Progressive Congress heartily commend president Muhammadu Buhari for responding to the many varied and unhealthy developments amongst members of our great party in some states of the federation inclusive of Delta state, we also wish to acknowledge/appreciate his choice of a savvy ,experienced, trusty and passionate party leader in the rare genre of the national leader as ASIWAJU Ahmed BOLA TINUBU to handle this very sensitive and crucial matter.
In our narration of our perceived challenges , we shall endeavour to be as factual as we can recall without veneering facts with opinions and or emotions.Our undertaken to stick to the facts we believe will assist your team in assisting us to arrive at a dream party with unbreakable cohesion and shared goals of winning the state convincingly.

In the year 2016 , the Light of Labour party under the leadership of Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru and distinguished senator Ovie Omo- Agege led our entire party members across the three senatorial divisions of the state to join the All Progressive Congress. Our entry into the party was facilitated by Olorugun Otega Emerhor the gubernatorial candidate of the party in the 2015 election with the endorsement of the national chairman of the party and other national officials.
We were promised some percentage of the available party offices to cement the fusion and grow the party rather than being consigned to mere joiners whose input will not be sought in the running of the party.
Meanwhile as at this point in time that we joined the party, the leadership of the party was fractured and embroiled in legal battle for supremacy. The legal battle was between the prophet Jones Erhue executive and the Adolor Okotiebor led executive.
Conscious of the implications of our actions we opted to be circumspect when the Adolor Okotiebor group who the trial court gave judgment in their favour protested our decision to move into the party via the prophet Jones exco and opined that our actions were contemptuous of a subsisting judgment of court that was appealed by the Jones exco to the court of appeal. Our decision to join the party through Otega leadership structure was in acknowledgment of the fact that it was the group that actually prosecuted the elections for the party in 2015 and therefore was the officially recognised executive subject however to the decision of the appellate courts.
While the case was pending in court, the national leadership of the party was petitioned and pressured to either act on the judgment of trial court or dissolve the executive committee and replace same with a care taker committee until congresses are held to elect party officials. This struggle for legitimacy widened the fractious architecture of the party. The hostility and bitterness engendered by the infighting was the background upon which the court of appeal set aside the judgment of the trial court in recognition of the prophet Jones led executive. Although the Adolor Okotiebor group were eager to appeal further to the Supreme Court , but the reconciliatory moves by party members who were fed up with the distraction assisted in restraining the Okotiebor group from appealing further thereby creating an enabling setting for true effective reconciliation. Unfortunately the Jones exco could not leverage the new congenial atmosphere to bring every body together.
The executive committee of the party and the gubernatorial candidate of the party in the 2015 election, an acknowledged leader of the party are intolerant of divergent views as to how the party should be run. It is either you are kowtowing their views or you are branded as an enemy that must be brought down by underhand tactics. Every innocent initiative by an aspiring party member with officials of the party are viewed with bitterness and visited with sanctions. Even though the party constitution provides guidelines on how misconducts are handled, normal party consultative meetings have resulted in the suspension of elected party officials from their position in defiance of laid down rules. It is very obvious that the party is being choreographed to some particular ends that will not serve the larger interest of the party and its members.
Our party officials have refused to learn and do the needful that will bring victory for the party in the state.This present executive committee cannot be lectured or counselled to change their ways having regard to their susceptibility for mischief and vulnerability to unproductive teleguiding. Only an executive committee that is passionate for electoral victory and will act in the best interest of the party that we need at this moment.However , we also recognise that a complete overhaul of the leadership structure from the state to the wards might creat fissures that will also detract from our resource pool.
In recognition of the disharmony that will be further exercebated by very extreme measures with just few months to the election we shall sincerely but reluctantly submit for consideration the following proposals.

(1) That the State executive committee be reconstituted in a manner that will free them from the infectious influence and manipulation of anybody among the leaders.
(2) That the local government and ward executives be reconstituted in a manner that will free them from the infectious influence and manipulation of the state exco and control of one person
(3) That if time is too short for a Congress, and a caretaker committee is to be set up, our suggestion is that the caretaker committees be put together by the gubernatorial and senatorial aspirants in respect of their senatorial zones.
(4)That any zone without a gubernatorial candidate should be left to the house of representative aspirants, senatorial and house of assembly aspirants to put the caretaker committees together for their respective local government areas and wards.
(5) That a special adhoc committee be set up by the the National leadership for the state with two persons each from the three senatorial districts. This committee should monitor the activities of the organs of the party and counsel them appropriately . We are very certain that a level playing will be engendered by the above suggestions which will lead to the best candidates emerging for the elections. Fielding the most popular candidate for the gubernatorial election will not only assure victory for the party in the governorship election but its dominion effect will positively spread to other elections and will bring about a complete take over of the state by ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS

1. Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.
2.Engr. Elvis Ayomanor.
3. Mr. Ito Lugard Oroboghae.
4. Mr. Tosan.
5. Mr. Eleazar Odikpo.
6. Sir. Francis O. Yekovie Esq
I will end the PDP rule In Delta- Great Ogboru



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