The 9th Assembly and Its Dawn –Meduoye Adeyinka


In a flash, they cruised into the edifice in their luxurious rides, accompanied by their families and well-wishers, with an intention to see to the continuity of their manipulative politricks, since the audibility of their utterance have generated the strongest and most profound of widespread reactions from various political corners.

The race to kiss the gavel is described as a serious business, entailing and dealing with serious issues, encompassing political matters, which should be taken very serious and not with levity – and critical thinkers, sound and intelligent minds should pronounce on matters, requiring in-depth political inclinations. The avoidance of the calamity of 2015 legislative play-outs must not be repeated, as closely watched and displayed by the duo of the “Protector of the Realm” and the “one-man-battalion” of the Eko politics

To shy away from witch-hunting, the idea of secret voting was birthed and invited, with a ballot photograph to caption, signifying their political loyalty to the lackeys of the “Famous Holder of the Rock”. Yes, lobbying is part of the game and one factor that springs and pitches up the beauty and liveliness of the nation’s struggling democracy. The assertion that the politics of Nigeria are being enveloped in the theatre of deceits and subterfuge is not far from this basis, which is rich in source of the inane, the daft, the dumb, and the illogical.

The euphoria and enthusiasm that greeted the aura of hope and excitement, after seeing the stooges of the ruling class clinched the batons of both the upper chamber and the green chamber, can’t be overemphasized and sidelined, considering the preponderance of unforeseen governmental proceedings its gavel will “hit and dish out” in the “next level” mantra. The premonition towards the stability or the staggering of the gavel can’t be shrug off, since Nigerians are simply concern about the bane of positivity and progression of her second voyage as against the wind of “change”.

With the emergence of the upper room anointed senator as the Senate President, who also doubles as the Chairman of both chambers constitutionally; the political romance between the “Eko Politics Runner” and his longtime political crony can’t be overlook in such atmosphere. The proximity of such closeness with the upper room isn’t an accident waiting to happen but one already. The envision that the leadership of the 9th Assembly will thoroughly chase after the interests of the common Nigerians, whom they sworn to represent in discharging proper representation mustn’t be gambled with, rather than fidgeting and chasing after the appeasement of the faceless cabals.

Fellow Nigerians - It is so pathetic that we now dwell in a society where political jobbers and marauders masquerading themselves as patriotic leaders, tends to unashamedly display stalwartness and loyalty in exchange for immunity. Negativities and abnormalities against the common decency and the law are being exalted and adulated in the privy of the upper room. It is a natural belief and creed that every person is selfishly motivated, and the moment one’s can see to the actualization of her greed and selfishness, and then the deal is being strike and cemented.

The underlying profession which is designed to impacts the lives of the people in most ways is now being rinsed with filthy hands in muddy waters, and clothed with ripped denim. The stark reality of the alleged perpetrator of the “Symbol of Authority” that is, the mace been carted away by a snoring parliamentarian, without having a bite for misconduct, is a disgrace to the dispensations of democracy. Rather, her inauguration as the second-in-command of the red chamber was being celebrated and adulated in a shining corner of the upper room. Huhh!!! This nation is a sham.


Nigeria urgently needs a creative rethinking of its developmental dynamics in a manner that will recognize the tangible and imperative injection of a pragmatic policy framework, into national development thinking. The movement away from the undertaker economics, which have warped national possibilities for far too long, and the need for the unambiguous goal orientation in nation building.

The suggestion of practical enforcement of well strategic policies that will see to the developmental scaling of a new Nigeria and the non-reinforcement of failing policies should be given much consideration. The relevance of addressing shadows of military disengagement should be embrace as a page-one-factor in the pages of democratic memoirs.

The hope to see a party of legislations, and not that of investigations; a party of target-oriented, and not word-loaded; a party of resolutions, and not confusions; a party of goal driven, and not speech driven; a party of distinguished honorable and parliamentarians, and not that of gridlock – whose members’ will never seize to stop scampering like rodents from one end of the democratic ring to the other, with the principle of private advantage as the their slogan. Those who will put into consideration, the development of the now, and that of the next generation. Not those that will be beclouded in the pool of personal aggrandizement, which usually comes with their mischievous acts and inhumane attributes.

The duty call to keep the executive arm under perpetual scrutiny, much to the progress of the nation, with the ideal of observing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the political dynasty, with an independent mind, irrespective of political affiliations, ethnics and religious extractions. The aim to see to the success of curbing and subduing the dysfunctional social policy framework that fails to keep the government intention abreast with the genuine democratic expectations of her citizens, especially in terms of the crawling state of dividends of democracy to its Canaan-land, must be constitutionally reaffirm.


The significance of challenging and indulging in constructive criticism against the other is warranted, and thus part of the projections, in the journey of her duties. The idea of chasing and embracing “oneness and unison” and not “division” is a positive mark in enabling the change of political tactics, to achieve imperative social development, and to otherwise, engage in intellectual discourse.

Happy Democracy Day.



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