I have been a keen observer of the intra party conflicts arising from the ward,local government and state Congresses in recent times, I have watched the anger ,deep rooted hatred and animosity that has characterised our inter personal relationship as a result of issues emanating from the conduct of this Congreses.
To me this is the beauty of democracy ,“Democracy, in spite of its limitations and challenges, remains the best form of government anywhere in the world as the freedom to choose leaders makes democracy the popular choice.

As a person and a good politician ,I do not subscribe to the assumption that without having the structure you can’t control it or win any election under it.

Let me take you through some historical cybernetics, Chief Bola Tinubu played a major role in installing his Excellency Odigie Oyegun, today he is not in control of the party structure, Chief Otega Emerhor played a major role in installing Prophet Jones today even before the Congress, Prophet Jones Erue was no longer under his control.
Permit me to go further, after the death of Distinguish Sen. Pius Ewherido in 2013 , Chief Great Ogboru as the leader and the one who owns the structure of DPP preferred,Chief Richard Odibo he was his choice to replace Sen. Ewherido , what happened? Chief Ede Dafinone won Chief Richard Odibo convincingly and overwhelming to fly the DPP Party flag for the Delta Central senatorial district.

At a recent leaders meeting in Okpe local government, Chief Napoleon Gbinije while addressing Party faithfuls said that no good politician should bother on who own a structure, he further stated that the key is to meet with the delegates and canvass for vote. I Immediately recalled how he lost his house of Representatives bid in PDP and defected to DPP two days to primaries only to defeat every DPP Aspirant including those who previously boasted of having the structure at the grassroot..

For the benefit of time, in my own local government, Cheif Hon Julius Okpoko was not the popular choice of the power that be in DPP but he won.

I urge APC Delta state to unite for the sake of our people. Our struggle is a truly genuine one. It is a struggle of a people, inspired by our own suffering and our own experience in the hands of a few cabal that has brazenly diverted our common patrimony for their personal use. It is a struggle for the right to live, the right to Good governance and the right to basic amenities of life

Our is a struggle to have equal political rights, because without them our disabilities will be permanent. I know this will sound revolutionary to the ruling Party in Delta state because the majority of voters will be masses who have suffered the strangulating effect of their worthless regime, this makes the ruling PDP fear democracy and it’s advancement in our dear state.

It is my conviction that in such a big exercise (congress) like this there must be concerns to be addressed and the party Leadership must not rest on its oars until this issues are addressed.

“We should established contact with those who are dissatisfied or for one reason or the other have some issues and grievances which is normal in an exercise such as this.

We should not apportion blame; our focus is to promote reconciliation because all party leaders and members are important. Their concerns are also very important.

“Where there are grievances, it is my view that a committee be set up to address those grievances and proffer solutions where possible.

A powerful committee Should be set up by the newly inaugurated and nationally recognized state Chairman, Chief Cyril Ogodo to commence reconciliation visits to all the aggrieved persons with a view to injecting life into their concerns.

We must bury our differences and reach a point of agreement if we are truly interested in taking over DELTA state but unless otherwise stated we should continue to progress in error.

And for those who are bent on destroying the party through the preponderance of internal conflict, I urge you guys to have a rethink because it Is highly inconceivable and despicable that in your skewed imagination and self induced intelligence and ingenuity everything and argument you guys have deployed in your response to addressing this intra party squabbles smacks the fundamental ingredients of an enlightened and civilize people and dwelling on this opposing and postulating views will only end up as a journey to Nowhere.


In as much as it is not my intention to cocoon, pigeon hole or manacle you into a straight jacket support for my ideas or political realities that feed the whims and caprices of the modern disposition of our national and state political superstructure. We should learn to respect people whose political pedigree presupposes superior content and make Hays while the sun is still shining.

My name is Sanco Ese
God’s pen of intervention

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