I read with utmost disdain few days ago an article credited to one Hon Kevwe Orovwigho, published in the Urhobo voice of January 1,2018, an Oshogbo based Urhobo man who unarguably is under the employment of NBTC, a company owned by Olorogun Moses Taiga. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have responded since his write up shows he is lacking in both character and intelligence but for the benefit of those who might be tempted to believe the pool of lies and hallucinations he spew out as facts, I am tempted to keep the record straight. In the publication which was mainly targeted to deliberately smear the image of Chief Osiobe Okotie, 1st deputy president general of and a leading governorship aspirant of Delta APC, the writer tried in futility to discredit Chief Okotie ambition and also portray him as a man whose main mission is to destabilize the unity and progress of the . It is evident this man was adequately remunerated to dish out deliberate falsehood on Chief Osiobe Okotie by his principal , Olorogun Moses Taiga, the only diaspora President general the Urhobo nation has ever had had the misfortune of having. I recall vividly how we fought as members of the Urhobo development and unity forum for Olorogun moses Taiga not because we believe in him but because we want to stand against the impunity and events that led to the emergence of Chief Joe Omene as a second teem PG of UPU. When Olorogun Moses Taiga was sworn in as the current elected president general of UPU the Urhobos were so excited and expectant that he will bring his wealth of experience to move Urhobo nation towards a more formidable and united entity but events after he took over that exalted seat has shown that Olorogun Moses Taiga is grossly incompetent, gullible and lack the capacity to move the Urhobo nation forward. I have always admired the guts of our founding father’s including Chief Mukoro Mowoe, Chief Benjamin Okumagba and Chief Patrick Aziza of Blessed memory to mention but few for the way they stood and defend the interest of Urhobo nation against all odd. I have long made up my mind as a foremost Urhobo activist and the President general of Urhobo development and Unity forum (UDUF) that the emergence of Moses Taiga as President general of UPU is the greatest catastrophe that will befall a nation for the following reasons. It is on record that during the 100th birthday anniversary of the Ohworode of Olomu. Olorogun Moses Taiga held a reception party for his Excellency Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa at his residence at Olomu, at that reception he humiliated the entire Urhobo nation when he knelt down to greet Sen. Ifeanyi Okowa who is undoubtedly the age mate of his son, that singular act of subserviency was the only thing Okowa need to relegate the Urhobos to the background and mist unfortunately he has been doing that till date. the shame and humiliation he subjected a once proud a respected ethnic nationality till this very moment still remain a constant source of embarrassment a d humiliation. It is also on record that during his electioneering period the PG made a lot of mouth watering promises including the establishment of Mukoro Mowoe university,completion of the Urhobo house at Ovwiamuge and the establishment of a micro finance bank to mention but few just to enjoy the unmerited favour of our royal fathers and unsuspecting members of the Urhobo nation, it is sad that after being elected till date non of those promises has seen the light of day and just like he did when he was the President general of Olomu he has abandoned his duty and decided to sit at the comfort if his home in Lagos thereby leaving critical issues that affect Urhobo land unattended to. Olorogun Moses Taiga by his antecedents since he assumed office as PG has been very embarrassing, he is undoubtedly the most partisan politically minded PG that ever led the Urhobo nation. The recent PDP UPU day celebration where notable Urhobo sons and daughters of the APC was criminally excluded from been invited whereas Sen. Okowa was the guest speaker and Chief Kingsley Esiso was made guest of honour shows the level moral and cultural decadence that characterized the UPU led by Olorogun Moses Taiga, How can a PG that knows his onions be used by the ruling party and an Anioma governor to relegate prominent Urhobo sons like the present Senator representing the Urhobo nation, Sen.Omo Agege and a leading governorship aspirant of APC in Delta state, Chief Osiobe Okotie on account of the fact that they are not members of the PDP. What a shame on our collective integrity as a people. I remember the exact words of Chief Majoro when Olorogun Moses Taiga emerged as the president general and I quote ” Urhobos will eternally regret the emergence of Olorogun Moses Taiga as UPU President. I also vividly remembered the words of Chief Joe Omene when he said,” Olorogun Moses Taiga does not

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