[FULL Video] Emmanuella Makes International Film Debut In ‘ Survive or Die ’

Emmanuella Makes International Film Debut In ‘Survive or Die’

Samuel, a Nigerian comedienne, made her foreign film debut in the Australian action film “.”

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The entertainer appeared in the film as a guest star alongside Hawa Barnes, Felino Dolloso, and Craig Bourke, among others.

Shade, a 16-year-old refugee whose escape from her war-torn African country lands her in a remote, uninhabited part of Australia, and her subsequent fight for survival, is the subject of the film.

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The project aims to further amplify the plight of refugees risking their lives in search of better opportunities in the face of harsh realities, according to Daniel Okoduwa, the film director.

Survive or Die

“Refugees are crossing borders, causing concern among many nations, disrupting domestic politics and fueling nationalism, racism, and xenophobia. Doors close and walls rise as the world becomes more threatening. “This film is based on true stories and events,” he explained.

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The film was shot in 2018 and went on a two-year festival circuit before being released on Amazon Prime and YouTube in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Okoduwa, a Nigerian-Australian film maker, credited Emmanuella’s inclusion in the film’s success in an Instagram article.

“In less than a week, we’ve reached a million views!!! According to the comments, “the inclusion of Emmanuella Samuel in this film may be the driving force behind these high views in just a few days,” he had written.

“All of the actors and crew members performed admirably, and I am extremely proud of you all. “Thank you to everyone who watched and supported from all over the world for helping us reach one million views.”

The accomplishment adds to the comedienne’s already impressive resume.

Watch Full Video of Survive or Die 

Survive or Die



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