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Thursday, December 9, 2021
Home News in Nigeria Now Sunday Igboho Disclose How He Will End Boko Haram without Govt Support

Sunday Igboho Disclose How He Will End Boko Haram without Govt Support

Sunday Igboho Disclose How He Will End Boko Haram without Govt Support

has Disclosed How He Will End without Govt Support.  

Yoruba rights activist, popularly known as , Chief Sunday Adeyemo, has said he has what it takes to fight without the support of the government.

He said: “I already have what I am going to use in the fight against Boko Haram.”

After the former Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, called on the Federal Government to invite Igboho to help drive Boko Haram terrorists out of Sambisa forest, the video resurfaced.

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Sani argued that Igboho could help end terrorism in the country, particularly in the North-East, if given a chance, following Igboho’s recent activities, which he said were to rid the South-West region of killer herdsmen.

He said the activist should be asked to help flush the Boko Haram sect out of Borno State’s dreaded Sambisa forest.

Since he flushed out herdsmen in the Ibarapa area of Oyo State, Igboho has been on the news, blaming them for the killing and kidnapping cases in the area.

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He also recently visited Ogun State, saying he was “to help drive out killer herdsmen” in a community there.

Sani said, “Invite Sunday to help drive away BH (Boko Haram) from Sambisa,” taking to his Twitter handle.

One of the places the jihadist Boko Haram group uses as its base and keeps hostages is the vast Sambisa forest.

Igboho was quoted in the 2020 interview as saying that the Western Nigeria Security Network, also referred to as Amotekun, can not be efficient with government control over the outfit.

He said, “These herders we’re fighting against, they’re not after money, they’re just getting their leaders’ orders.” Freedom fighters from Yoruba should not be kept under governors, they will turn the fight against insecurity into business.

Oyo State Governor of the Democratic People’s Party, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, and Lagos State Governors of the All Progressive Congress, and you want to be supported by our own PDP Governor, how will there be unity?

And in this country, all the powers belong to someone who is a Hausa-Fulani man. They created Amotekun and placed it under a governor, the same governor who would ask the federal authority for cash.

Yoruba youth, only if we can fight willingly. I’m not asking anyone what I’m going to use in the fight against Boko Haram. I’ve got it.

I don’t need it from the governor, because they’re going to try to make money from the governor. He’s going to claim that he spent a certain amount on Amotekun and is making a profit from it. Something good will not result from this.

Were they under any governor when they wanted to start the Oodua Peoples Congress? Why is Amotekun meant to fight insecurity, under the police in the South-West?

“That’s rubbish; they’re not ready to fight for the Yorubas, they’re just looking for whom to take.”

Igboho also said that it would be time for people to rise up to defend their lands.

However, he added that in the fight, individuals would definitely lose their lives while some would stay alive to enjoy the dividends.

He said: “The time will come for all of us to defend our limits.” All these governors are betrayers, all they’re after is how to make a profit for their children and leave money.

“When we want to achieve freedom, there’s no way people won’t die. No one can rise up and say that the government wants to fight, that we ought to unite. It does not make sense that we remain under the government as freedom fighters and earn a salary.

Did they stay under any governor when they started security outfits in the North? Is Boko Haram governed by any government? Those governors, they’re thieves, they’re looking for what to eat. They sold them out.

# Sunday Igboho Disclose How He Will End Boko Haram without Govt Support



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