I can boastfully tell you now that nobody in Nigeria is currently hungry as enough money has been disbursed.

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The Nigerian minister of information, Lai Mohammed after an emergency indoor meeting in the presidential villa yesterday spoke with the journalists concerning the outcome of the meetings.

During his interview, he disclosed that the emergency meeting was due to the death of a high ranking member of president Buhari’s cabinet yesterday due to the corona virus pandemic that recently broke out in Aso rock.

He said that the federal government has already spent over 100billion naira to fight corona virus in order to ensure that everyone in the country remains safe, as your safety is our topmost priority.

He further mentioned that the details of how the money has been spent remains confidential to the presidency alone as enough effort has already been made to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread more than this.

He concluded by stating that all the money donated by many wealthy Nigerians and commercial institutions were part of the money that has been spent already to fight the pandemic and I can boastfully tell you now that nobody in Nigeria is currently hungry as enough money has been disbursed already into the citizens accounts while some residing in Abuja received cash .

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The federal government has also started sharing the money promised to be given to different states to buy foods for the masses but the sharing is only for the poor households in different parts of the states involved.


  1. This is the part of the world ( Nigeria)that there is no transparency in a democratic government, why should the disbursement of money to citizens be made private to the president? Why…..y.?????


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