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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic cleric, has warned the Nigerian to stop using military force against in the north.

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Gumi warned that it would only worsen the situation in a statement posted on his Facebook page on Monday.

He specifically warned that the recent military force used in Zamfara State to combat and herdsmen is counterproductive and may not produce the best results.

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The cleric stated that the state could have become a shining example for others if those in power had promoted literacy and economic empowerment.

“The rustled cattle population was greatly reduced as a result of the massive movement of rustled cattle. The majority of the rustling started with rural herdsmen and progressed to the North-Western region.”

“Herdsmen had only three choices: join the rustlers, pay a bribe to the rustlers for protection, or lose their cattle. In 2014, a military ‘intervention’ in the Birnin-Gwari Forest to combat cattle rustling turned the headsmen into a resistance movement after hundreds of innocent Fulani Ruga men, women, and children were murdered.

“In the past, military actions have aggravated the situation by inciting herdsmen resistance. Any further action will exacerbate their religious fanaticism. It protects them from being labelled as thieves while also bolstering their mobilisation of gullible young unemployed youth, as we saw with .”

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