Steph Nayah Instagram Post Exposes Apostle Suleman, See Details

Steph Nayah
Steph Nayah

Post has exposed

A shocking revelation regarding the rumoured romance between some Nigerian celebrities and Apostle Johnson Suleman has been made by a well-known actress .


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The actress claimed in a lengthy Instagram post that she withheld comment regarding the clergyman in order to gauge his level of amenability to lying.


Steph Nayah  claimed to have met Suleman at the Mombasa, Kenya, airport, where they exchanged contact information and had sex in Dubai.


Steph claimed that the divisive pastor had extended an invitation to her to visit Nigeria and provided her with the address of an apartment in Lekki.


Steph Nayah  claimed she was taken aback when she arrived and learned the location was Iyabo Ojo, a well-known Nollywood actress.


The actress claimed that Iyabo made her feel at ease and told her that as long as Suleman keeps giving her money, she doesn’t care what he does.


She continued by saying that Iyabo Ojo had also confided in her that because Pastor Suleman was paying her bills, she hardly ever made money from the movie business.

Steph Nayah  wrote: “I have been very silent on Apostle Suleiman issue because I want to see how far he is willing to take this lie. I had to come on Instagram to put my story out there. I met him at the airport in Mombasa Kenya and he took my contact. We had s3x in Dubai on that trip. He called me two weeks after and invited me back to Nigeria cutting short my trip in Dubai.

Steph Nayah
Steph Nayah

“He bought me a business class ticket and sent me an address in Agungi area of Lekki to wait for him at his girlfriend’s house as he would want us to have a threesome as he enjoyed my breasts. Lo and behold the house was the house of nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo @iyaboojofespris in an estate called 5 Streets in Agungi.


“She made me comfortable and told how she doesn’t mind whatever the pastor does as long as he keeps giving her money. He had just rented the house for her she said her black range was giving her problems as it was also in the mechanic’s place. Apostle came in around 11pm. He drove himself in a black Gwagon and his driver drove a silver range one of his other cars. After our round of sec in Iyabo Ojo room, he gave her the keys to the range that she should sell the black range off since it was old already.


“He gave her $3000 to send to her son in the US as he was said to be taking a trial exam and needed to pay some bills. He gave me $5000 and a key to a room at Protea hotel. I called Uber and went to the hotel to wait for him. He came on the third day on his way to Abuja and gave me another $2000. He is a nice man and the sugar daddy of most Hollywood actresses but for God’s sake, he should stop lying.


“You can say this is a lie but in your heart you will know it’s true. How you told me you don’t make money from films but you are just doing it to keep your face and you know Suleiman carries your bill. Do you remember the house you told me Suleiman is building at Osapa and he had promised he will give you to live in. When I felt shy about our threesome you told me that you arrange that for him always cos it’s what he enjoys and even jokes that even if he wants to have with you and your daughter, you will allow him


Steph Nayah and Apostle Suleman 

“He Used Juju’ on Me” – Speaks on Relationship With Apostle Suleman

Stephanie Otobo, a Canadian singer, has spoken out about her relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries.

Remember that Miss Otobo recently shared some graphic photos of her encounters with God?.

See: Stephanie Otobo to release s3x video of Apostle Johnson Suleman

The singer claimed in an interview with SaharaTV that Apostle Suleman used ‘juju’ on her.

Suleman had initially approached her for counselling, but the man of God ended up asking her out.

Suleman promised to marry Miss Otobo, but after they started dating, he refused to talk about marriage, according to Miss Otobo.

“I believe he used jazz or juju on me because I am the type of person who always checks people out before agreeing to anything.”

“When we first started, Burt emotionally conditioned me.”

Take a look at the video below.

Apostle Suleman used ‘juju’ on me, Stephanie Otobo Drops Bombshell


Previous News

Stephanie Otobo to release s3x video Apostle Johnson Suleman, Here is the damning photos 

Stephanie Otobo, a Nigerian lady living in Canada who claimed to have had an affair with Apostle Johnson Suleman, the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, a few years ago, has published nude images of the clergyman in a Twitter thread.

On Monday, Stephanie Otobo  turned to Twitter to reveal screenshots of her video chat with Suleman, pleading for him to come forward and refute her charges.

A photo of the clergyman clutching his penis was posted online, as was another of her breasts while on a video call with him.

She claimed that the cleric attempted everything he could to prevent her from advancing and had nearly killed her.


“If these screenshots are fake, how did I get his photos that aren’t public in the first place and how come I’m the first to release this kind of photo of him?” she wrote on Twitter. Since I came out to speak up with receipts, he’s changed his haircut twice. He has gone to great lengths to appear unique.

“What is he going to say about the scar on his left thigh if the dick pic isn’t his?” His wife is unable to deny the scar. If we didn’t have intimacy, how did I know he had a scar on his left thigh? Lol. If he denies it, he should open his thigh and examine it. His nails, too, speak volumes.Stephanie Otobo release Damning video of Apostle Johnson Suleman

Stephanie Otobo damning photos  of Apostle Johnson 

“Some people have questioned why I came out and exposed Apostle Johnson Suleman, and why I haven’t let go since.” The fact is that I had no intention of doing so. He slammed me against the wall, and the only way I could defend myself was to scream and reveal everything. The devil laughs.

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Apostle Johnson Suleman tried to silence me by using the police because I went to Nigeria to record a song with Timaya. Before oga jailed me for refusing to obey him and return to Canada, I had already paid Clarence Peters for the song’s visuals. He wanted me to be insignificant.

“He did everything he could to put a stop to my music career.” He was afraid I’d become powerful. He even poisoned me, bribed some members of my family to assassinate me, and hired my friends to put me up. I was enticed to come to his church in Auchi to make a false confession that I had lied against him.

“That he was being brought down by other pastors and politicians.” Why was there no mention of a name? I only did it because the strain was too much and everyone had abandoned me. No assistance. I had to give up at that point in order to receive encouragement.

“This man has done everything he can to end my life, but God is not dead; this video tells the entire story of what happened and how things are currently going.” I’ll make a film of everything that happened as well as the answers to your queries.


The sex scandal involving Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Johnson  first made headlines in 2017.

The singer shared a series of defamatory Snapchat photos of herself with the pastor, whom she said had impregnated and deserted her.

Nigerians were stunned as the singer revealed the terrible facts of their relationship, including kinky sex, sexting, abortion, and even an alleged planned wedding.


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