Stella Damasus or Damascus: What is the correct spelling of Stella last name?

Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus was one of the most well-known names in Nollywood in the early 2000s.

Many admirers and fans have been pronouncing and spelling the same name for more than two decades.

In films such as Rattlesnake, Behind Close Doors, Bent Arrows, Affairs of the Heart, Missing Angels, Games Women Play, Dangerous Twins, and Four Sister, she is referred to by her given name.

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But it turns out that we were all wrong.

Stella Damasus or Stella Damascus: What is the correct spelling of Stella Damasus’ last name?

The bearer, Stella Damasus, has flawed the spelling of her name, coupled with its pronunciation.

Using a hilarious meme to lament the wrong spelling and pronunciation of her name via Twitter, she captioned a photo containing a subtitle that shows how stubborn her fans are when it comes to getting her name right.

Me to Nigerians: My name is Stella DAMASUS, not DAMASCUS

Nigerians to me:” she captioned the photo that bears the subtitle, ‘perish that idea.’

And indeed, Twitter users proved her right by challenging the spelling and pronunciation of her name.

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“Stella “Damascus” is the name I grew up with; Wetin be Damasus? People may mistake that thinking it’s the name of a dinosaur or something. No swag in pronouncing that sef mbok. Stella Damascus u are, & Stella Damascus u shall remain; So go & do change of name shaperly, haunty,” a tweep insisted.

Stella Damasus

But, another tweep was shocked about how people didn’t know her real name. “I am quite surprised that people don’t know her name is Damasus instead of Damascus. I mean, I have always known this since I was a kid,” the tweep said.

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Stella Damasus followed up with another comment that she is tired of people calling her name wrong.

“My dear…And I’ve been saying it since oooo,” she stated.

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Nobi you go tell us wetin we go call you
Dear Ms. Damasus, where is our “Stella Damascus?”
Is either you manage the Damascus or you getat!!
Alhaji Beardless Smallie
Pronounce the “Damasus”, shey e sweet for your mouth?
Maazi @FestusGreen
Stella, don’t tamper with my childhood memories.
Your name is Stella Damascus, not Damasus.
You gree abi you no gree?




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