Nollywood Actor, Stanley Okoro Was Poisoned At Movie Location – Family Alleges

Stanley Okoro Actor Death

Stanley Okoro Actor Death: Fast rising Nollywood actor was poisoned at movie location – Family Claims 

Stanley Okoro, a fast-rising Nollywood actor who died a few days ago, was allegedly poisoned by colleagues, according to his family.

Okoro, who was best known for his comedic roles in films, died on Wednesday from a suspected case of food poisoning.

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Okoro was poisoned, according to his family, after successfully completing a movie shoot in a hotel in Enugu State’s Maryland area.

Stanley Okoro Actor Death 

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According to his family, he went on to another movie shoot in Asaba, Delta State, but unlike him, no pictures were taken to identify who he was working with.

The family claimed that Okoro’s only problem was his obsession with food, and that they couldn’t tell if the 23-year-old actor was having problems with anyone who wanted him dead.

Okoro Nneka Loveth, a close cousin of the deceased, told Ejes Gist News on Thursday that the late actor loved people and carried them along.

“Stanley happens to be my Cousin,” she explained. Cousin with whom I have a very close relationship. Stanley was tainted with poison. And, as of last week, the person who poisoned him was still on set with him.

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“Whenever he came to Enugu, he would usually call me for food or ask one of our Cousins to get him some. Stanley was a huge foodie. He ate a lot of food.

“So whenever he asked for food, I’d send a Keke (tricycle) driver to deliver it (I’m usually very busy). I usually had one Hausa Keke driver do it for me, or I would go myself, or my other Cousin would go herself or send one of her girls.

“However, when he came the last time, we only talked on the phone. They were in Enugu to film a movie. They were in the town of Mariland, Enugu. After that, he went to Asaba for another.”

“So he returned after the movie shoot. He apologised for not being able to meet with us this time, but promised to return the following week. Stanley left Enugu four days ago for Asaba, saying he’d be back next week because they’re filming another movie.

“He lived in Owerri (Imo State), but the poisoning could have occurred in Enugu or Asaba,” says the source. As soon as he returned to Owerri, he began to feel as if he had suffered a stroke, and he began vomiting. He was puking up a black liquid. A native doctor who was invited even admitted to being poisoned. Stanley was on his way to the bathroom when he screamed for help and collapsed due to a burning chest.Stanley Okoro biography , Stanley Okoro Actor Death

Stanley Okoro Actor Death news  

“They rushed him to the hospital, and when he arrived, Stanley gave up. As a result, the person used a quick poison. Perhaps the person took advantage as they finished shooting and decided to eat.

“We didn’t sleep for the entire day yesterday. Stanley, in fact, did not deserve to die. That guy was friendly and helpful, and he made everyone feel at ease. In fact, my entire village is in tears. He had a very down-to-earth demeanour. The only issue he had was that he was a huge foodie. He ate an excessive amount of food.

“He wasn’t married, but he could have been in a committed relationship. He hadn’t even reached the age of thirty. I’m not sure if he was having issues with anyone [who wanted him dead]. He didn’t mention anyone to me.

“Stanley lived his life like a hausa man, oblivious to the fact that people were angry with him.

“Right now, Stanley is in the mortuary, and we have no idea what to do.” He was around 27 years old at the time.

According to Lovett, the actor’s family has begun deliberating on his burial arrangements, and the actor will most likely be buried on August 26. Stanley Okoro Actor Death




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