What is valentine? : History, Significance, How to Celebrate

St. Valentine Day : History, Significance, How to Celebrate

St Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to death by Emperor Claudius II.

What is

Valentine’s Day is commemorated every year on February 14 across the world by couples, Loves and friends  of all age.

Happy ‘s Day 2022 to you. We love you

St. Valentine ‘s Day celebrated today Monday, February 14, across the world by couples, Loves and friends of all age.

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The day is named after a well-known saint, but there are various stories about who he was. St. Valentine was a priest from Rome in the third century AD, according to traditional mythology.

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of St. Valentine Day

Thousands of years ago, between February 13 and February 15, Romans celebrated Lupercalia, a festival in which males slaughtered a dog and a goat. According to Britannica, the festival included fertility rites (what does this imply) and lottery pairings of women and men to mark the arrival of spring. Later, around the end of the fifth century, Pope Gelasius outlawed Lupercalia celebrations and replaced them with St. Valentine’s Day.

Who is Saint Valentine?

He was a priest who surreptitiously arranged marriages in defiance of Claudius II, the Roman Emperor, who forbade males from marrying.

The Emperor Claudius II believed that unmarried men were better and more dedicated soldiers, but Saint Valentine disagreed. When Claudius learned about the secret weddings, he imprisoned Valentine and sentenced him to death.

Saint Valentine used to look after his fellow inmates as well as the jailer’s blind daughter when incarcerated. According to other accounts, Valentine became a close friend of the jailer’s daughter and even healed her of her blindness.

St. Valentine addressed a letter to the jailer’s daughter on the day of his execution, signing it ‘From your Valentine.’ On February 14, 270 AD, Valentine was beheaded. This is why Valentine’s Day is associated with love.

The date of February 14 was formally named ” St. Valentine’s Day” by Roman Pope Gelasius towards the end of the fifth century. However, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the holiday was linked to love and passion.

Formal notes, or valentines, first emerged in the 1500s, and commercially printed cards were widely used by the late 1700s.

A poem written by a French medieval nobleman named Charles to his bride in 1415 is the oldest mention of a valentine being sent. At the age of 21, Charles was imprisoned in the Tower of London and wrote this charming epistle to his lover. Is it one of the poem’s lines? “I’m sick of love already, My Gentle Valentine.” Swoon!

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Additionally, during a voyage to Persia in the 17th century, King Charles II of Sweden learnt the “language of flowers”—which couples different flowers with unique meanings—and transferred the tradition to Europe. During the Victorian era, giving flowers became a fashionable habit, especially on Valentine’s Day.


The day is now observed in many ways all throughout the world. The holiday is known as el día de los enamorados (day of loves) or dia del amor and la amistad in many Latin American countries (day of love and friendship). On this day, couples present flowers and chocolate, but the emphasis is also on giving gratitude to friends.

In Japan, women present chocolate to the males in their lives, with the quality of the chocolate revealing their actual feelings. A month later, on March 14, males repay the favour by celebrating “White Day,” which is becoming increasingly popular.

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