We Have Documents To Expose Sponsors Of Boko Haram, Banditry In Nigeria, Group Boasts

Niger communities buy Motorcycles, Sign N200m Peace Deal With Bandits

‘I Stand With Buhari,’ a political party, has threatened to reveal suspected sponsors of terrorism and banditry in Nigeria.

At a news conference on Thursday in Abuja, the group’s spokesperson, Mr Ifeanyi Ezedinma, gave the alleged sponsors one month to condemn the activities.

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Terrorists and bandits in the region, according to the party, are committing sabotage.

According to the party, it has some confidential documents in its possession that will reveal the sponsors who are causing problems in the country.

“We also have a list of their names, from state governors to political influencers, youth organisations, and covert organisations on their payroll,” says the source.

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“As a result, we’ve given them until the end of the month to dismantle their private militia and stop funding terrorism and banditry in Nigeria.

“If they refuse by the end of the month, we will not only reveal their names to the rest of the world, but we will also take mass action against them in their respective locations,” he added.

Nigeria was identified as “indivisible” by the party.

“Buhari genuinely cares about the nation and is trying to reveal and prosecute those agents of darkness who are funding the current security challenge,” the group said.


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