Sola Sobowale rains powerful prayers on her twin daughters as they celebrate birthdays in style

Sola Sobowale

Celebrates Her Twin Daughters

Sola Sobowale, a Nollywood actress, has revealed her prayerful side in honour of her twin daughters.

The proud mother of five celebrated her twins turning 30 today, August 3rd, on her Instagram page.

In order to welcome them to the third floor, the veteran wrote a heartfelt message and prayed.

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Sola Sobowale prayed to God to continue opening doors for them and to make everything that concerns them perfect.

“Ejire, happy birthday, my sweet babies. IJN, My God will continue to open doors for you and make everything that affects you perfect. Godspeed, my dear daughters. Have fun today.

Last year, Sola Sobowale celebrated them in a special way for their 29th birthday.

As her children reached “age 29,” the delighted mother wrote a heartfelt message and prayers to celebrate them and thank God for their lives.


In addition, Sola Sobowale posted old pictures of her kids and prayed that God would grant their every wish.

“Happy Birthday to my babies! I want to thank God for keeping you, my children, until this day. I pray for you today from the bottom of my heart. May God grant all your heart desires… My Twins @sosaburo @blankakeno, happy birthday!

Sola Sobowale revealed in an interview with Ejes Gist Nigeria news why she left the movie business to work odd jobs.

Sola described how she had to leave the country and her career to care for her kids while they attended school in the UK in an interview with Chude Jideonwo.

The main cast of “King of Boys” claimed that she prioritised her children over fame and wealth.

She claimed that she made the decision to give up her profession in order to care for her needy children.



“I returned to England and noticed the kids lacked motherly touch,” she remarked. I later moved to England and stopped thinking about fame. Now that they are all employed, they recognise my sacrifice and ask me to return to Nigeria where I am most comfortable to do what I do best.

When discussing her life prior to fame, Sola stated:

“I practically lived in Enugu while I was filming the movie ‘Christ in Me,’ which brought me fame. As a result, I received another job. I was instructed to film one and then return. After getting over 10 movies, I was stationed in Enugu. And I spent a week in one place.


Sola Sobowale and Her life’s 

I earned N800,000 in that single week in the year 2000. As a result, when I returned to Lagos, I had more than N5 million in how many months, and the money was flying. I then quit for hourly jobs in England paying 7 pounds. Then I had to put in extra effort before I could take 1,000 pounds.Sola Sobowale

Because I am aware of what is meant by “dignity in labour,” she continued, “There is nothing this woman cannot do. I’ll sleep anywhere as long as it means having food on the table, clothes for my kids, and a roof over my head. I mopped, washed, cooked, swept, and cleaned offices.

Sola Sobowale further stated that she did all of those, yes. I wasn’t sleeping, which is another issue. I always wear my uniform with the company name displayed on the train or bus. Now that it’s behind us, I’m relieved.

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