So Touching! How I was raped 5 times”- Nollywood Actress, Iyabo Ojo recalls sexual violence

I was raped 5 times

I was raped 5 times as a child 

, an actress, has revealed that she was raped five times as a child. In an episode of “Bare it all with I Y.” the mother of two revealed this.

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She claimed she was raped for the first time at the age of 14, but refused to tell anyone because being raped was considered taboo at the time.

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According to her,



“I know a lot of women who have gone through similar experiences to mine. I believe it is past time for me to speak with them and assure them that it is acceptable to discuss it. To let them know that being in this situation is not acceptable.


Yes, as I previously stated, I have been raped. Not once, not twice, but five times. And believe me when I say it wasn’t simple. I was 14 when I was first raped. It took place at my aunt’s house (not a family member). I didn’t want to discuss it because it was considered taboo. I was afraid that I would be held responsible for everything that happened.

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And then there was the second one, which was even worse. And I couldn’t tell anyone in my family about it. It took a lot of courage for me to tell a friend at the time, and it was one of the reasons I ran away. The entire family was looking for me, and even after they found me, I refused to talk about it.


In the third case, the individual was a neighbour. We were in close proximity to one another. My father’s house was on the second or third street in the same neighbourhood as my father’s house. Though he was much older than my first boyfriend, he was a friend of mine.


I had no idea he was planning something like this. I grew up in Lagos’ Obanikoro neighbourhood. To stay with my aunty, I relocated to Ikeja. I did, however, visit Obanikoro on occasion to check on my grandmother, father, and boyfriend. I was waiting for a taxi at the bus stop on my way home from Obanikoro when his car drove past me and he stopped.


We exchanged greetings. He inquired as to my whereabouts. When I told him I was going to Ikeja, he offered to drive me there. He stated that he had relocated to Ikeja. He told me he lives on Toyin Street when we arrived in Ikeja. I told him I knew the street well because I used to live in Ikeja’s Balogun Bus Stop. He said he’d show me around his house so I could come over whenever I wanted.


I didn’t think it was a big deal because he was a friend of my ex, who was my first boyfriend at the time. In the parlour, he had a rug, air conditioner, and television when we arrived. He abruptly stated that he was hungry and asked if I was as well. I told him I wasn’t going because I was already late and my aunty was expecting me.


He went on to say that he had loved me even before Emmanuel met me, and that he was heartbroken when he found out I was dating Emmanuel. I was almost 18 years old at the time. He began attempting to touch me. I stood up enraged and walked to the door. It was locked, which I noticed. I told him to go ahead and open the door. He expressed his love for me.


He then began dragging me. That reminded me of the first time I had gone through something similar. So it occurred to me that it was about to happen once more. I fought him because I didn’t want it to happen. I tried to push him away by running into one of the rooms and opening the window to scream, but he grabbed my hair and held my neck against the wall.


He dragged me out of the room because he didn’t want me to shout and gave me a dirty slap because I kept struggling and wrestling with him. I collided with the wall. He went into the kitchen to get the knife while I was dizzy trying to find my feet. His eyes turned red and his face changed when he got the knife.


He wasn’t the same man I remembered. It occurred to me that if I fight him, I will die. He dragged me back into the room after that. I was simply deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly He was free to do whatever he pleased. When he was finished, he went out and returned, calling my name because I was still at the location where he raped me. Then he began to refer to me as “baby.” Because I was angry, the word baby was piercing my mind.


You never get over it, but it gets to the point where it becomes a storey to tell later in life. It’s something you’ll have to deal with. Because I couldn’t talk about it before, I was able to deal with it in my own way. When I try, I become overly emotional, angry, and a host of other emotions.


Right now, I’m in a position to discuss it. So, after we kissed, he told me he loved me, and I told him I loved him as well. He went to my bus stop to drop me off. I recall being calm as I walked down the street to my house. I was devoid of any feelings or emotions. When I returned home, my aunty was not present. I immediately went upstairs, climbed into the bathtub, and began crying.


I sobbed uncontrollably. After that, I considered telling my ex-boyfriend. My ex-boyfriend was a bad boy, and I didn’t approve of everything he did. So I decided not to tell him because I was afraid that if I did, they would kill him or do something terrible to him. That was something I didn’t want because I didn’t want blood on my hands.


I’m not sure if what I did was correct or not. So the only way to avoid telling him was to end the relationship. Then there was the one after I married my husband and had my children, and we moved to Ikeja. One of the armed robbers who came to our house raped me. It’s difficult to bring up the subject of rape. You must realise that it is painful, but you are not alone, no matter how much you talk about it.”



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