Popular Delectable singer, Teni Apata has shared a throwback photo of herself, and we are feeling it!

Recently Teni was featured in VOGUE where she spoke about her music, her inspirations, her hit singles and the stories behind each song, each video.

This has stirred heartwarming comments on social media, with her fans glad to see the iconic singer dominate the world stage. And reacting to her feature, the Fargin singer tweeted a screenshot of the publication, with a caption that reads: “[I] made it to Vogue.”

See her tweet below:

Here’s what the prestigious magazine said about her single Apata and her contribution to the industry:

“In a scene largely dominated by braggadocious men, Apata presents a refreshing counterpoint. Where other Afrobeat stars are infusing their sound with international flavors—Caribbean soca or Southern trap, for example—the singer is among a burgeoning new wave of artists mining Nigeria’s rich musical past. “Fargin,” the breakout hit that put Apata on the map (she was signed after the Instagram video of her singing it went viral), draws on the spirited melodies of ’70s and ’80s fuji and juju legends such as King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, and King Wasiu Ayinde. And yet there is a decidedly pointed message simmering beneath the song’s lilting harmonies. Switching between Yoruba, pidgin, and English, Apata calls out lecherous “uncles” who prey on young women, exposing hypermasculine posturing with incisive wit.

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