MC Oluomo: Watch Video: How Lagos NURTW Chairman, MC Oluomo, Killed Leaders Of Rival Groups

Lagos NURTW Chairman , Mc Oluomo

Over the past 24 hours, the President of the Lagos State Chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly known as , has become the subject of public debate.

An interview session with the renowned broadcaster, Funmi Iyanda, on the public eye produces the beaming of search light on his antecedent and public life.

Many social media users expressed dismay at the interview, particularly on Twitter, saying it is an aggressive public relations strategy to help launder the image of the stalwart of NURTW.

The reactions range from wild unsubstantiated allegations to cheeky sarcastic comments on his advances as NURTW chairman and speculated political aspirations, with some saying it is part of the coordinated efforts to prime him for major political office in 2023.

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There seems to be, however, an unspeakable consensual tone that rang through all the reactions; which is that the stench of his past wrongdoings and despicable deeds will not be wiped away by any amount of whitewashing, public relations and image laundering.

It was in the midst of this torrent of reactions that a video surfaced of how he, , allegedly killed leaders of the union’s warring factions in order to pave the way for his achievement of the position of state chair.

The violence, bloodletting and reign of terror that characterize the activities of the upper echelon of the National Union of Road Transport Workers’ (NURTW) Lagos Chapter, particularly when locked in supremacy with rival gangs, is a matter of public knowledge as most residents are sometimes caught in this morbid furnace of chaos themselves.

The extent to which the members of the union go to achieve their unreasonable ambition and despicable goal is what most people are not privy to.

The fact that these nefarious activities are most often explicitly aided by notable, learned, influential, high-profile, affluent and powerful members of society who use the members of the union to accomplish their sinister motives and other nest-feeding activities is even more incongruous.

A member of the union, known by the street sobriquet, Talo Skibo, narrated how Musiliu Akinsanya, the chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, popularly known as , killed leaders of the union’s warring factions in order to gain the position of chairman.

Skibo alleged that in Lagos, especially in Oshodi, where he held sway, killed leaders of warring factions.

He revealed that in the build up to the 2015 general election killed MC Oluwo and hamburger.

He added that he and MC Oluwo had gone to see the All Progressives Congress national leader and former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu, in the state days before the 2015 gubernatorial election where Tinubu told him and Oluwo to bury their differences and work towards APC’s victory at the guber poll.

After they left, Skibo said Oluomo arrived at the stalwart APC residence in the dead of the night and was given 15 million for campaigning, then he was told he (Skibo) and Oluwo were earlier at Tinubu’s.

Then frustration boiled over and he (Oluomo) unleashed terror on him (Skibo) and Olowo, while he escaped by a whisker, Oluwo was eventually killed in the fracas.

He revealed that he could hear from where Oluomo was hiding that the hamburger was next on the list of those to be killed, and that hamburger was killed at Sogunle that night, according to him.

It was possible to hear the bedraggled Skibo suing for peace and begging Oluomo not to kill him the way he had killed Oluwo and the hamburger.

Watch the video.






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