Shocking: see how flood kill more than 250 persons

Flood in South Africa

more than 250 persons killed

EjesGist Newspaper confirms that on Wednesday, April 13, devastating floods wrecked devastation in the South African state of , killing more than 250 people in Durban.

According to local officials, the rain that fell in one day (from Tuesday to Wednesday) was equivalent to a month’s worth of rain.

more than 250 persons
Wrecked home of Residents

More than 250 people have died as a result of floods in .

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Officials have described the storm as “one of the worst weather storms in the history of our country” with mudslides trapping people under buildings and rescue efforts hampered by low visibility.

Witnesses said a 10-year-old girl was part of a family of four that was washed away on a flooded bridge during rescue efforts.

More than 250 people have died as a result of floods in South Africa.

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Volunteers from the community waded into the muddy river, taking turns hacking away at the branches with machetes and removing debris and trash that had swept downstream, but it was too late; she died.

more than 250 persons
Flooding in South Africa claims more than 250 lives

President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa paid a visit to the area and promised to assist.

“Even though your hearts are in pain, we’re here for you,” he said, according to the Reuters news agency.

He also called the incident a natural calamity, while geologists say the high death toll is due to poor drainage and poorly designed dwellings in low-lying areas.

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Mxolisi Kaunda, the mayor of Durban, denied that poor drainage was to blame, claiming that the ’s magnitude was unexpected.

In a statement on Facebook, the KwaZulu-Natal provincial administration estimates that billions of rands worth of damage has been caused to buildings and infrastructure, describing the heavy rains as unleashing “untold havoc”

more than 250 persons
Flood in South Africa

Two major networks have reported that more than 900 of their cell phone towers are down, causing communications to be hampered.

According to the World Weather Attribution Service, the region was battered by three cyclones and two tropical storms in six weeks at the start of the year, predominantly affecting Madagascar, Mozambique, and Malawi and causing widespread damage and 230 recorded deaths.

That is the latest today on more than 250 persons.



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