Shocking, See how 8 year old boy Survives Shark Attack

8 year old boy Survives Shark Attack

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that a shark attack was averted by an eight-year-old youngster, hitting the predator in the face.

On the island of Phuket in southern Thailand, Chaiyarak Christenko was swimming in the sea with his father over the weekend when he was attacked by a shark.

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He yelled in agony before attempting to kick the shark away. The beast, on the other hand, was unyielding.

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Napat told police in the Kamala area that he then reached down and punched it in the head.

As blood spilled from the cuts on Napat’s right leg, his panicked parents carried him out of the water.

The shark, which was either a bull shark or a 4ft long blacktip reef shark, vanished into the depths.

8 year old boy Survives Shark Attack


Paramedics arrived quickly and administered first aid before transporting Napat to Phuket’s Bangkok Hospital for treatment over the weekend.

8 year old boy Survives Shark Attack

It was the most agonizing thing the youngster had ever experienced, he told physicians.

He stated, ” “When I felt a pain in my leg, I looked down to saw the shark chomping on my leg. It was the most agonizing experience I’d ever had. I punched it in the face to get it to leave me alone.”

Based on the bite marks, doctors first assumed that the youngster had been bitten by a barracuda fish of 80-120 centimetres in length.

8 year old boy Survives Shark Attack

However, after examining the wound, marine and shark experts confirmed that the youngster had been bitten by a blacktip reef shark or a bull shark, both of which are common in the Andaman Sea.

The attack was “extremely aggressive,” according to Dr Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, Director of the Phuket Marine Biological Center, because it is breeding season.

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“Sharks are located in surf zones and will generally pursue fish,” he explained. It’s possible that it mistook the boy’s calf for a fish and bit it.

“The young man is a bold young man. He claimed that as the shark was attacking him, he punched it.”

The wounds were “clearly caused by a shark,” according to the environmentalist.

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