Shocking Reason Teenage Mother Is Begging God To Kill Her Baby

See Why Teenage Mother Is Begging God To Kill Her Baby

It was a painful moment a 17-year-old mother  simply known  as Abigail Desewu has pleaded to God to take the life of her one-year-old daughter


According to report, the  baby is suffering from a critical medical condition called Hydrocephalus, known in Ghanian language as ‘nsu ba,’ to wit ‘a child from a river god’.

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After being questioned on why she wants the baby dead, Abigail explained that she noticed Peace could barely sleep and was restless.

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She became worried and took her to a church, where the man of God prophesied that the baby was sent from the gods and is cursed.


“The pastor said my child has been sent by a river god to frustrate me and kill my mother.


So it is better we let her die or bury her alive. I believed what the pastor said so when we came home, we just left her so she can die on her own”. She noted.


To quicken the baby’s death, Abigail starved her for five days, yet the baby did not die.


Abigail insisted she was sane and not mentally deranged, but was just following the orders of the man of God.


In an interview with the Crime Check Foundation, Abigail Desewu said she got in touch with a crime advocacy organisation through her friend’s mother who convinced her that, Peace’ condition was medical.


“I feel sorry for my child, but I have to follow the orders of the Man of God since her father has denied her due to her ailment” she added.


As part of the foundation’s Health Check series, the Foundation through its Belgium- based donors group, ‘Happy Yourself’ gave Abigail GHC 300 to start the medical process and furnish it with the subsequent bills.


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  1. Pls how can we find this teenage girl our Ngo can assist her and direct her on how to mend her future and smile and thank us Leta.


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