Shocking: Mother weeps as her 4 children got electrocuted

Total Blackout As National Grid Collapses

4 children got electrocuted

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that a Mother weeps as her 4 children got electrocuted in Ondo State.

The Four children including two siblings, were electrocuted after a newly installed 11kv power line fell on the container where they were playing in Oke Aigo, Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo council area, Ondo State.

According to the Ejes Gist Newspaper, the container was utilised as a store by the parents of one of the victims.

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It was learned that the two brothers paid a visit to the container’s owner, who happens to be their aunt.

The children were playing inside the container turned shop when the power line cable collapsed on it, according to eyewitness accounts.

One of the survivors, named as Blessing, described how he escaped by saying, “We were playing and suddenly, power was restored.” We raced out of the business as soon as we heard the dazzling sound, not realising that the new cable wire had cut and fallen on my mother’s container shop.

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“As we ran out of the container, the wire caught our legs, rendering us unable to walk.” As a result, I sat on the closest plank, but the remaining youngsters began to shake and vomit blood.

“I yelled for help, and people came to our rescue, and we were rushed to Ile-Oluji General Hospital.”

In addition, the shop’s owner, Ronke Adebiyi, stated that she was not present when the incident occurred.

“In the evening, I received a call that my shop was on fire,” she explained. I dashed down to see how my kids were doing. When I arrived, I noticed a crowd and continued asking, “Where are my children?”

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“Blessing, one of them, ran out of the shop later, but the others were still lying on the floor.”

“They were rushed to the hospital, but they couldn’t use oxygen because there wasn’t enough for five of them.” As a result, four of them eventually died. However, the sixth child’s situation was not critical because she can walk and talk.

“The remaining two were taken to Ondo’s Trauma Center.” The first youngster was dismissed, but the second was referred to the OAU Teaching Hospital. My sister’s daughter is the mother of two of the four children. They came for a vacation.”


Senator Nicholas Tofowomo, who represents Ondo South, said that if the BEDC is proven to be responsible for the tragedy, he will ensure that the victims’ parents receive justice.

“We cannot allow lawlessness to continue in this country,” Tofowomo remarked. If the BEDC is shown to be responsible, I will seek justice for the parents.” Michael Barnabas, the state’s Corporate Affairs Manager for BEDC Electricity Plc, also expressed his condolences to the victims’ families.

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The toddlers were electrocuted “within our network in Ile-Oluji due to an 11kv line that snapped,” according to Barnabas.

According to the information we have, the youngsters were in an iron container shop that was immediately under an 11kv line that had snapped, electrocuting them as they came into touch with the wire.

“The deaths could have been avoided if nothing was within the 11-meter right of way required by law for such a line.”

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“While we do not have the authority to relocate people directly living or trading beneath our electricity lines, we will be ruthless in disconnecting such customers from the public power supply and ensuring they never have access to it again, resulting in them voluntarily relocating out of harm’s way.” We hope that by doing so, we will be able to avert future tragedies.”

Funmi Odunlami, a state police image maker, verified the victims’ deaths and termed it as terrible.

That is the latest on 4 children got electrocuted


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